And another thing!

The Tribune-Herald recently published an article about what Baylor University regents said was the chronology of head football coach Art Briles’ involvement in Baylor’s sexual-assault scandal. I watched ESPN, and it accused city of Waco residents as well as Baylor of being immoral about the happenings that went on at Baylor. They said all we wanted to do was win football games.

I’m a moral Christian, as I assume 95 percent of the people who support their university are. What has happened? When do we say enough is enough? Bad things happen to good people everywhere. According to the article, Baylor did not even have a Title IX office in place in 2013 when the allegation of gang rape arose. Briles actually requested they contact the police: “This was a criminal offense, and it needs to be reported to the police.” Yet it was never reported, partially because the victim refused to cooperate.

And this is why Art Briles was fired? Give me a break! Of course, the Austin and Dallas news media will never print the real truth. The Baylor Board of Regents cowered and let the UT- and TCU-supported media report exactly what they wanted. There was absolutely no sympathy from them for the victims of rape. It was all about getting their butts kicked in recruiting and on the field. This was a way to get rid of Art.

I am particularly offended by ESPN’s statements and constant trash-talking about Baylor and Waco. It’s time for political correctness to take a seat and the truth to stand up and defend Baylor University, Art Briles and the great city of Waco.

When will our famous law school at Baylor, whose founders helped impeach a president and brought the nation’s tobacco industry to its knees, draw a line in the sand and say we have had enough? I believe the main group of donors who met to discuss the state of transparency from Baylor regents needs to demand the resignation of all current regents for their gross neglect of transparency and wrongful firing of Art Briles. They need to hire a new group of regents, hire Art back and sue Walt Disney and all other media who have slandered us. Only then will ESPN stand down. Disney officials should be ashamed of themselves for allowing ESPN to have that type of power over the city of Waco and Baylor.

ESPN’s jealousy of Briles is sickening. He was a threat to their Big Ten and Southeast Conference loyalty. They want him and Baylor buried, never to recover. Will we all just sit back and watch it happen? Will somebody stand up?

Harvey Fadal, Waco

And you protesters!

To all the protesters who are upset about Trump and rioting, just remember that we didn’t riot when the disaster known as Barack Obama was elected. Obama has divided the country in every way from racially to economically, but Trump has no fingerprints on any of these issues because he has never held office.

Eric Richardson, Waco