Honest mistake

As mayor it falls on me to verify the correctness of the ballot for each election in the city of West. I made a deeply regrettable mistake last week when citizens of West had the option to vote for three positions for the City Council with only two positions being open. This error could have possibly caused the outcome of the election to be different and I cannot be sorrier for my actions and that of my staff in not making sure the ballot was correct. No malice was intended. As mayor I take full responsibility for the mistake.

I apologize to citizens of West and the candidates for this error and ask for forgiveness. As much as I and the city would like, we cannot hold a new election and must allow the legal procedure outlined in election laws to be followed. Every person deserves to have a correct ballot by which to exercise his or her constitutional right to vote. I am sorry for not giving them this privilege.

Mayor Tommy Muska, West

Differing aims

I’m all for gun control. No atheist, social justice warrior, Antifa, registered Democrat or radical Islamist Council on American-Islamic Relations member should be allowed anywhere near a gun. And just a word of advice to the above: Don’t start a civil war with plumbers who shoot warm-blooded animals with high-powered rifles for a hobby.

Rick Ellis, Axtell


Please allow me to offer my thoughts and prayers to the cowardly, craven politicians who gladly trade the blood of innocents for political power and bribes from the NRA. When their disgustingly corrupt lives are finished, they’re gonna need them….

William Howard, McGregor

Veterans Day epilogue

Twenty-two million vets

Are living today

Who have served their country

In the past.

They saluted their flag

And stood for the anthem.

It’s their legacy

That I hope will last

But there’s football pros

Who want to protest,

And take a knee

For what I’m not sure.

Seems the nation is upset

How free speech is expressed

But I truly want

Our freedoms to endure.

So, now talk it out.

Let your thoughts be made known,

For this is the American way.

And thank the military you see

For all that they’ve done,

As we honor them on this Veteran’s Day!

Ben Hagins, Woodway

Happy birthday

I thank the community for their support of Lula Jane’s as a gathering place. We celebrated our fifth birthday by throwing a party with free lunch and cake slices. It’s so heart-warming seeing small locally owned spots thrive. Bob and I are proud to be a part of this community.

Nancy Grayson, Waco