Faith in Trump?

I found the Waco Trib column “Trump offering compassion, rule of law” by Rev. Ramiro Peña of Christ the King Baptist Church in Waco this past Thursday timely yet confusing. How does a man of faith become so partisan, supporting a leader who is a self-described sexual predator, an unindicted co-conspirator in an attempt to cover up porn-star stories about affairs, a man who claimed to have “no dealings with Russians” during the 2016 election who in fact was negotiating building a hotel in Moscow that required Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s endorsement? A president who has the endorsement of white supremacists and clearly has had Russian help in the 2016 and 2020 electoral process.

Russian election meddling involved a social-media campaign to divide the American people and discourage some Americans from voting. Republicans have and will use racial gerrymandering to keep Hispanics from voting. The Republican-controlled Senate blocked bills which would counter further voter interference from hostile foreign governments. As much as I am against abortion, I cannot ignore the abuse of power and this danger to our democratic system.

It would be impossible to deport 11 million undocumented people, so the strategy seems to be making life so difficult for undocumented immigrants (including refugees and asylum-seekers) that they will self-deport. Families are separated; men, women and children are held under inhumane conditions in U.S.-run detention facilities. Immigrant veterans and/or family members are deported. American citizens are deported. Many of us who are Hispanic must have proof of citizenship on our person or risk ICE detention.

I can’t comprehend why anyone would put faith in such partisan politics. My faith is in the God who became man, himself a migrant who taught us to love our neighbor. My faith has taught me that we are all illegal, all of us have broken God’s law, we are sinners who find grace at the cross of a migrant. Lord have mercy on us all.

Lorenzo R. Villa, Waco

Support the Graysons

We certainly understand and applaud the desires of City Hall and citizens to maintain aesthetic values as long-downtrodden Elm Avenue comes back to life.

We also understand why Nancy and Bob Grayson would need roll-down doors to protect goods at the grocery store they’re trying to provide for people who deserve more reasonable access to food. Who would want to leave their produce out overnight for the taking in any Waco neighborhood?

We say City Hall should favor food over its aesthetics rulebook and let the Graysons finish this needed project, doors and all, with intended financial support.

As to the question of looks, think of all the murals now gracing buildings around our city. Would not roll-down doors covered with neighborhood-themed murals make for a compromise with which we all could live?

Bob and Jackie Lott, Waco

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