Who’s prospering?

I was reading a recent article in the Trib stating that the Prosper Waco budget would be $414,000, minus $311,000 salary for four employees. I would think there would be four business leaders who would volunteer to help Waco and themselves to prosper for free. All this leaves $103,000, minus $28,000 for rent, which leaves $75,000. This does not address how much would be spent on office supplies, utilities and incidentals.

So I was wondering how much out of $414,000 (so far, it’s $18.11 out of every $100 spent), if there are no office supplies, utilities or incidentals, would be used to "prosper" Waco and, because I don’t live in Waco, why would I want to pay to help Waco prosper? Maybe the county would be better off using the tax money that I give them to pay down county debt. I also wonder who thought this Prosper Waco up and if they would happen to be among those four employees.

Pam Brown, Axtell

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since you’re asking, Ashley Bean Thornton is one of those who thought this up, and she is working without pay in a volunteer capacity for Prosper Waco. Her column on Prosper Waco runs today. Also, the effort takes in Greater Waco, including the metropolitan area, which includes places such as Axtell.

In the neighborhood

It seems Mission Waco will soon have its own little city around North 15th Street and Colcord Avenue. I say good for it. We need it. But please spare me another thorn in my side by allowing another roach and rat attraction site in this neighborhood like we had and still do. Bring something in here that we can be proud of or don’t bring anything at all. The rats and roaches are perfectly happy like they are.

We can wait, but in the end I want to be able to put my neighborhood on Facebook and be able to face my friends and relatives from out of town. I don’t have the cleanest yard around here, but why should I? It blends in so well with the environment.

So, thank you, Mission Waco, for the thought. Like I said: Go for it.

Candelario Aguilar Sr., Waco

Kindness of others

On Aug. 6, I was involved in a rollover car accident at Franklin Avenue and South Valley Mills Drive. Within seconds of the crash, strangers ran to aid the other driver and myself. I was trapped inside my car hanging upside-down by the seat belt, and these caring strangers stayed by my side in 100-degree heat till emergency workers arrived.

Thank you to all who helped and comforted me. Your kindness made a terrifying event much easier to bear.

Kelly McDonald, Lorena

* * *

I am elated that the city of Waco is pursing the so-called “tattletale lights” to help Waco police better control our many red-light scofflaws.

I believe one motorcycle officer could pay for his salary, insurance and maintenance while harvesting so many more traffic violators.

Mercer Buchanan, Waco