‘I find out that our board of regents has gutted our football program and damaged the reputation of Coach Art Briles after a one-sided and misguided investigation.’

Abe Gott

Black Lives in Bosque County

On Page 6A of Sunday’s Trib are two articles dealing with police shootings. If I said nothing more, I believe the majority of people would say it involved black Americans.

On the front page of the same edition is an article about ads placed by McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara and state Rep. Charles “Doc” Anderson. I did not see these, but they conveyed the message that “All Lives Matter.” This seems to have created a stir among several individuals including the chairwoman of the Community Race Relations Coalition board who said she tries to ignore “All Lives Matter” rhetoric.

She goes on to state that “you can say ‘All Lives Matter,’ but the fact is, throughout our history and even currently, we do not value black lives as much as we do other lives.” She further states that the ads are an obvious denial of history: “But I also think it is really, really hard for white men to get this.”

I’m not sure, but I think she just called me a stupid, white, racist male. With a mindset like that, why in the world does she hold the position that she does?

The police shootings on Page 6A said the police killed two bad guys, that two innocent people were killed and that three were wounded. In the line of duty, four police officers were wounded. No race was cited.

I believe “All Lives Matter.” All lives. So does God.

Joe A. Hunter, Clifton

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I believe that all life is sacred and all lives matter at all times, regardless of race, color, socioeconomics. I relate with Black Lives Matter simply because the movement was initiated to shed light on the killing of multiple people of color and the seeming lack of concern by some.

I would ask the two famous politicians in the Waco area who unwittingly or uncaringly bought these ads in the Trib to read the September issue of Smithsonian magazine. Read the article that describes the migration of Southern blacks north and west. The article is titled “The Road to Freedom.” I urge all to read this whole issue. It may inspire some.

I bet the sheriff and representative have read such articles at some time. I would think public servants would care.

Louis Felan, Meridian

EDITOR’S NOTE: Just in the interest of clarity, neither of these “All Lives Matter” ads were published in the Trib.

Regents, right your wrongs

As a 1987 graduate of Baylor University, I was appalled when I learned that the Baylor University Board of Regents misled alumni not only in actions involving the Baylor Alumni Association but also in the tearing down of the Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center. Now I find out that our board of regents has gutted our football program and damaged the reputation of Coach Art Briles after a one-sided and misguided investigation.

It is high time for regents to right the wrongs:

Publicly admit that this investigation, while revealing the university’s failure in regard to Title IX, ultimately was flawed.

Publicly apologize to Art Briles, the coaching staff and current players.

Offer Briles his job back (with salary increase) and let him keep the settlement money as a financial apology.

Resign your positions on the Baylor board of regents as you have failed everything and everyone that is Baylor.

Abe Gott, Blackwell

Accident in waiting

Living off campus definitely has its charms, but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth the challenges. Many students such as me living in Big 12 duplexes either do not have cars or find it too expensive to purchase a parking pass. Plus, with the free bus system that Baylor University provides, there is no need to have personal transportation. However, my commute has become dangerous and complicated because of the lack of a crosswalk on South University Parks past La Salle. Since the bus does not stop at the duplex, one must walk across South University Parks, where the speed limit is 55 and many people speed to either Oso Verde Apartments or The Outpost.

The solution I propose is simply to add a crosswalk, so students can feel safer when commuting to their classes. Although not many people have to deal with this problem on a daily basis, it only takes one accident to become a problem for Baylor and for Waco.

Michaela Schirra, Waco

Freedom imperiled?

For all the editorials and columns proclaiming Donald Trump as a fascist monster, I’d like to point out that Hillary Clinton reminds me of people who will smile at you while stabbing you in the back the first chance that arises. If she’s elected, she will further divide this country by governing only for those who agree with her. Freedom of speech will be gone.

I don’t dare voice an opinion deemed “offensive” and face the consequences while those who preach “tolerance” run roughshod over us “deplorables.” If Hillary is elected, we’ll lose our freedoms, one by one.

Hallet T. Allen, Waco

Pipe in burial grounds

In his letter, Stanley Oberst voices concern with oil pipelines of about 1,000 miles going through and desecrating Indian burial grounds. Does he know how many of the 2.5 million miles of pipeline across the United States in all states go through burial grounds, especially in Texas, California and Oklahoma? Yet the Native Indians of these areas don’t protest but prosper from oil revenues. Shall we get rid of all these too?

Incidentally, President Obama loves to take credit for the great increase in production of oil and natural gas in the United States but shuts down oil production wherever he can. Consider his decision regarding the Keystone XL pipeline, which even the Environmental Protection Agency said would have no significant impact on levels of pollution. And now we have this.

Jim Cantrell, Axtell