Trump hate factory

Why is there so much narrow-minded hate coming from the Trump administration, its right-wing supporters and its voters? I refer to letters to the editor in the July 23 opinion page of the Waco Trib, just to note the most recent of many in the past few months, and their issues with the women that people dub “The Squad.”

Unless I woke up in North Korea this morning, these women have the right to say what they believe. I know that Republicans know what the First Amendment is because they have no issues with exercising that right. Unfortunately, many right-wingers don’t mind dishing it out but have a real problem with taking it.

Recently, Mr. Trump announced that Democratic Reps. Ilhad Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley were anti-USA, pro-terrorist, and have said “some of the most vile, hateful and disgusting things ever said by a politician in the House or Senate.”

Now hold on a minute. It was a year ago that Trump stood next to Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland and declared that the people of the United States were fools for not trusting Russia. He referred to African and Caribbean countries as “sh*thole countries.” I’ve never heard Ilhan Omar say a single curse word about anybody, but our current president said he would bomb the “sh*t” out of the Islamic State. Once, he said (according to senators in the room at the time) that businesses wanting to return to the United States from overseas should be told to go f**k themselves. He said that “our country had become stupid.” That the country had never looked “weaker or more pathetic.” How anti-USA is that?

I could go on with all the hateful, racist things he tweeted about people who oppose him as president, but I don’t think the opinion page has the room.

Now before Trump apologists pick out the things I’ve said they don’t agree with and start throwing hate back at me like a chimp throwing poop through the cage bars, I’m asking them to please don’t. Stop with all the hate.

Steve Davies Sr., Waco

Climate change!

The night of July 22, the local weatherman reported our first 100+ degree temperature this year. He also offered conclusive proof that the global warming cycle is ended and we are entering the next ice age. This time in 2017 we had already had 42 days of 100+ degree weather and in 2018 we had 20 days. This is a definite downturn. Then he forecast record or below temperatures the next two mornings. Don’t give away your winter clothes yet!

Jack Munson, Waco

Abortion abyss

Amidst today’s abyss of abortion advocacy replays, a meaningful family memory: My 5-year-old nephew David, recalling his own somewhat mysterious but comforting day in court, noticed colorful bunches of balloons displayed on the Williamson County Courthouse lawn.

“Look, Daddy,” he pointed and excitedly exclaimed. “Somebody probably got adopted today!” Surely Father God also celebrates the life of a child whose biological parent opted for adoption rather than murder.

Kay King-Hill, Eddy

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