Quadruple standards

There you have it! Sammy McLarty [“Investigate the Bidens,” Tuesday] wants another Ukraine investigation of Joe Biden because Biden’s son, Hunter, has two blemishes on his record but no convictions or fines to show for those transgressions.

Apparently Sammy doesn’t keep up with the record-setting Donald J. Trump blemishes: 19-plus failed business ventures, at least six bankruptcies, international money-laundering with Deutschebank & Cyprus Bank, 4000-plus lawsuits versus Trump and his businesses, a $25 million fine for illegal business practices (Trump University), failed marriages as a result of his adultery, numerous bankruptcies, world-record bald-faced lies (almost 11,000) since becoming a presidential candidate, record sexual harassment accusations for a U.S. president, multiple brags about his serial grabbing of female private parts, payoffs to prostitutes to keep ’em quiet, more than 10 incidents of federal criminal “obstruction of justice” issues documented by the Mueller Report and many more such incidents for starters!

By the way, when will we see the tax returns Trump looked in the face of America and promised to release if he won the 2016 election? Why all the hiding of tax and net worth records that virtually every president has publicly released to the public before and after elections annually? What is Sammy’s favorite Trumpty Dumpty hiding?

It seems Sammy McLarty has a double, triple, quadruple standard when it comes to who he wants investigated. I’ll bet Sammy voted for the Donald J. Trump exposed above!

Harley Spoon, Austin

Who’s rabid? Democrats

How could any intelligent, informed person link the adjective “rabid” with the conservative movement? For the last three-plus years there has been zero effort by the Democrat Party to do anything positive for its voters. No, they are all lock-stepped in the all-out effort to destroy President Trump. The latest manufactured crisis is the Ukraine fiasco. It will fail, as have recent efforts, but We the People know it will not cease.

The Democrat Socialist Party is so driven in this effort to delegitimize the 2016 election that all other matters are ignored. This left-wing juggernaut is determined to destroy everything this great nation was built on. Talk about rabid!

Dan Dayton, West

Aydelotte in fiesta mode

Hats off to veteran Waco Trib photographer Rod Aydelotte for the fantastic photos which I saw online of the Feliz Festival de Charro at Sacred Heart Catholic Church this past Sunday. The photos are amazing, particularly the way Mr. Aydelotte caught the movement of the beautiful costumes which the dancers were wearing. The colors are gorgeous.

I wish that I had known about the festival but, believe me, I will definitely find out what the date will be next year so that I can go and experience it for myself.

Gary Merritt, Waco

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