The Hewitt Four

It’s unfortunate a majority of the Hewitt City Council voted to accept the new city manager’s contract without a reasonable time for anyone to review the contract. This is the most important, highest-paid job in the city. One would think the contract would be given more than a cursory review by the council. These same four council members (a.k.a “the Hewitt Four”) chose to interview only one candidate and that candidate did not provide a resume at his interview.

If the Hewitt Four continue to fail in their duties in such important city matters, perhaps they should not run for re-election in May.

Bob and Joan Potter, Hewitt

Switch off Fox

William Bregan obviously gets his “real” news from Fox and other conservative outlets. [Letters, Dec. 20] Little wonder he thinks things are better for blacks and women. Things may be better than the 1800s, but we still have a long way to go. African Americans are left behind in inner cities where schools are terrible due to the lack of revenue. The tax base is gone. Many end up with few skills and cannot make a living. Many resort to drugs and become victims of a societal system that loves to incarcerate many in the black community. All this does not even touch upon the fear of so many African Americans living in inner-city areas. Who knows when another loved one will fall victim to crime?

By the way, many women still must deal with salaries far below that of men, not to mention sexual harassment in many places of employment. The great economy and job growth Trump supposedly brought to America is not seen in places like Camden, New Jersey, and Anderson, Indiana. Most economic gains started under President Obama. He deserves credit for the gradual rise of our economy, not Trump.

Mr. Bregan, it is time for you to watch real news and come back to reality.

John Vickrey, Norman, Oklahoma

Women’s rights

I respond to Gene Griffin’s Dec. 20 rebuttal of another letter in which he states “the Democratic Party stands for abortion, anytime, anywhere.” If Mr. Griffin would bother to actually talk with a Democrat, he would learn we do not stand for abortion in any context other than allowing a woman to make the choice in consultation with her doctor, her loved ones and her god. No one in his or her right mind “supports” abortion for abortion’s sake.

But, yes, Democrats do support any woman’s right to make choices about what happens to her body, her right to plan her family, her rights to liberty and her right to pursue happiness.

In short, Mr. Griffin, I believe the Democratic Party would agree with my assertion that a woman’s choice of an abortion is no one else’s business. It should most certainly not be the business of the government or the prevailing white, male, so-called Christian patriarchy in this country.

Michael Jones, Waco