John Cornyn a hypocrite

It is disgraceful, appalling and completely unnecessary to withhold federal workers’ paychecks to try to force funding for a border wall. Our president, senators and representatives are like little boys who take all their marbles and go home when they don’t get their way. It’s time to man up and take responsibility for keeping our government operational. We are fast becoming a banana republic where the clowns are in charge.

None of our federal authorities seem to care about the suffering they cause to so many federal employees who now cannot afford housing, utilities, food and transportation. Maybe we should withhold something from the president (his Twitter account?) and Congress (their paychecks and perks?) till they grow up and govern.

On Friday I read Republican Sen. John Cornyn’s column in the Trib in which he says he is doing a wonderful job and making America great. I beg to differ. How is it great to fail to pay federal workers and deny them a raise while giving raises to the clowns who work for our clown-in-chief? The families of federal workers are suffering and he has the nerve to say how great the GOP is doing? Reprehensible! Disgusting!

Clydanne M. Reeves, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: To answer your question (which is a fair one), Sen. Cornyn told Fox News that Democrats “apparently don’t want to do anything about [border security] versus those of us who say let’s come up with a sensible combination of technology, barriers and personnel to try to staunch the flow of illegal drugs and human trafficking.” He added: “It’s clear that Nancy Pelosi had to secure the votes she needed to become elected speaker and that meant accommodating the most radical elements of the Democratic membership of the House of Representatives, and they are fine with no border security. These are the same folks who want to abolish ICE and other law enforcement and do nothing about the heroin and the human trafficking that comes across the border along with illegal immigration. That’s an outrageous position, it cannot stand, and we will not agree to that.”

Getting the shot

I enjoyed looking at the Photos of the Year from your group of talented photographers. There were even more on the Trib website. However, I like the photo that appeared in the Dec. 20th edition of Mart’s playoff victory on the front page of the sports section. Am I the only one who saw “the Heisman pose” from senior running back Tyrek Horne, who set a new Class 2A state title game record with six rushing touchdowns?

The photo was taken by veteran Trib photographer Rod Aydelotte. I can usually spot his photos even before I see his name in the credits. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how Rod got Tyrek to strike that classic pose in the heat of battle. Perhaps a forecast of things to come for the young man from Mart, Texas!

Ronald G. Smith, Hewitt