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Vote Scott Bland

We have several worthy candidates vying to earn our vote to succeed Bill Flores in representing Congressional District 17, including Waco and Bryan/College Station. I listened carefully to the responses to the first question asked at a candidate forum. When asked what the most pressing issue facing our district was, each candidate offered a different response. Only one candidate has a plan to get a handle on the most serious issue, the threat to our national security. If our national security is compromised, the issues the other candidates are focused on become less relevant. That insightful candidate is Scott Bland.

Having spent time as a Secret Service agent, Scott has seen these threats firsthand. He has a very workable plan to face this threat head on. His plan to address the security threat will also address the economic drain and other concerns that illegal immigration brings upon us all. Scott’s plan will offer a work visa program to the estimated 25 million undocumented residents. They will be subject to background checks and have to prove work status to stay.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Scott Bland. He is an honorable man with integrity. He is a citizen candidate. He was born and raised in the Waco area. He is not a GOP elitist. He is one of us. Please visit for more information. I ask you to please consider joining me in your vote for Scott Bland in the March 3rd primary.

Allen Sassano, College Station

Where’s Hindman?

George Hindman, Congressional District 17 candidate, is actually an Austin outsider. He claims to have lived in Pflugerville for 14 years but all of those 14 years his driver’s license address was on Greenwood Avenue in Austin which is District 25. His family home at that address has a homestead exemption plus he has never voted in our district.

Following 9/11 he attempted to raise money by forming the “George W Congressional Campaign Committee” for his own losing 2012 campaign. This was clearly a fraudulent scheme and the U.S. Attorney General’s office was asked to investigate.

We cannot trust George Hindman. Keep Austin weird. Keep Hindman in Austin.

Linda Godwin, College Station

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hindman posted this response on his Facebook page, vowing it would serve as his only comment on the residency controversy: “I’ve been in Central Texas for the last 25 years, 14 of which have been within CD 17. Most of that time was in the Milwood area (Precinct 259 to be precise), the remaining time in Pflugerville where I now reside. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that 11 years of my time in Central Texas were not in CD-17 (by about five miles). The main reason was that when I got married, we moved into my wife’s home. Having two small children, we began discussing moving in early 2019 and subsequently moved to Pflugerville last year. Some attacks have even gone so far as to point to my wife’s 2019 homestead exemption, which is no longer on the home, as we are preparing it for sale.”

Vote Kristi DeCluitt

McLennan County is fortunate to have four capable candidates running for judge of the 19th State District Court in this year’s Republican Party primary. While I am well-acquainted with each, I enthusiastically endorse Kristi DeCluitt for 19th District Court judge.

The 19th District Court is one of two courts handling felony criminal cases in our county. The presiding judge handles a high volume of trials, signs warrants for law enforcement and oversees matters that must be handled with wisdom, discretion and equity. Kristi DeCluitt is the only candidate with experience serving full-time as a judge in the McLennan County Courthouse. For this reason, she is also the only candidate to have the official endorsement of the Waco Police Association.

Kristi DeCluitt has a proven record of championing conservative causes in our county. Her resume boasts experience as a prosecutor, a judge, a defense attorney and an assistant city attorney. As a trial attorney working daily in our courthouse, I know that she will act fairly to protect the rights of victims as well as the accused.

Beyond these qualifications, there is another reason I support Kristi DeCluitt for 19th State District Court judge: In 2014, I had the pleasure of working with Unbound Waco to advocate for a survivor of human trafficking. Originally thought to be a criminal herself, this young lady’s story of survival and transformation was so harrowing that it later made headlines in the Waco Tribune-Herald. What few know, however, is that the defense attorney who humbly partnered with Unbound Waco to advocate on this victim’s behalf was Kristi DeCluitt. Moreover, without show or fanfare, Mrs. DeCluitt quietly donated her court-appointed fee to Unbound Waco to assist yet other victims of human trafficking. Qualifications aside, I believe in Kristi DeCluitt. I believe our community should as well.

Robert Callahan, attorney, Waco

Vote Chrissy Brault

The Republican primary race for Precinct 1 County Commissioner is crowded this year with four candidates. Fortunately, there is one among them who has exceptionally successful experience and is clearly the most qualified to fill the vacancy. Chrissy Brault has served as the chief operating officer for Precinct 1 for the past seven years. Her knowledge and performance of all functions and responsibilities of the county commissioner’s position have resulted in outstanding service to the residents of Precinct 1.

Two of the other three candidates have zero experience in road-and-bridge construction and maintenance. The one who does have some limited experience got fired for ineptness. Chrissy Brault has the respect and confidence of all Precinct 1 employees because of her highly effective leadership. She will provide our precinct with a seamless transition of efficiency requiring no time to overcome any learning curve.

Vote for outstanding conservative leadership! Vote for Chrissy Brault!

Charles Camp, Moody

Will Jones debate

On Feb. 13, I was involved in an accident at my farm on County Road South in McLennan County Precinct 3. If not for the two road maintenance workers and their equipment, I might have lost my life and surely would have lost my leg. I do not know how good a county commissioner Will Jones is, but I know for a fact that he employs great workers.

Jack Compton, decorated veteran

* * *

I have filed a formal Federal Communications Commission complaint against candidate McLennan County Precinct 3 Commissioner Will Jones. How is my candidate of choice supposed to have a fighting chance when Jones is sending out robotexts? We were attending a benefit on Sunday, Feb. 16, when the phones of 13 people at my table received messages from a Will Jones robotext. This is illegal under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and FCC regulations.

Jones was already convicted of bribery on his last campaign when he offered his opponent a substantial amount of money to back out of the race. How can we stop people like him from doing whatever they want, breaking all the rules they want, without any repercussions. The other candidates have morals, standards and care about our county. It’s a shame that by obeying the law, they make their chances of victory almost impossible.

Austin Brock, West

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the interest of accuracy and fairness, Commissioner Jones pleaded guilty in 2017 to the Class A misdemeanor charge of offering a gift to a public servant. This was in connection with his making an improper offer to reimburse his 2016 Republican primary opponent’s $1,250 filing fee if his opponent dropped out of the race. Jones was sentenced to one year of deferred adjudication probation, 80 hours of community service and fined $4,000. Jones’ attorneys and prosecutors agreed to the punishment in exchange for the guilty plea. Jones apologized for his actions in a statement after leaving a hearing in 54th State District Court.

Bias? Really?

In his Feb. 24 letter, Pro-Life Waco director John Pisciotta mentions the Virginia governor’s position on a law that lets women and their doctors determine what happens when something goes horribly wrong late in the pregnancy. His description of the event as “infanticide” is insulting, insensitive, hyperbolic, misleading and shows his intolerance and ignorance of female and gestational biology and medical options.

No woman decides to get an abortion in the last trimester on a whim. Something has to go horribly wrong with the pregnancy for a woman and her family to make the excruciating decision to end a pregnancy — at any time — but especially in the last trimester.

Mr. Pisciotta states “this issue was injected into party politics in January 2019.” Really, John? That’s what you do on a daily basis. You, your group and your politicians like Bill Flores, Doc Anderson and Brian Birdwell need to mind your own business and leave these decisions to women, their doctors and their families.

Cheryl Foster, Waco

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