Much to praise

West Mayor Tommy Muska’s printed apology (“Honest mistake”) in the Trib’s letters column Nov. 11 is uncommon for a politician these days. His humility and regret seem sincere. I’m not aware of the particulars or how much harm his mistake did to citizens of West. Perhaps his small-town mayoral staff includes no detail-oriented administrative assistant charged with ensuring all election procedures are followed to the letter. But Mayor Muska’s willingness to admit his mistake and accept blame, followed by an apology, is a step toward becoming a better leader. I don’t know him but urge him to run for mayor again at the next election if he wants. I think most West citizens will consider his apology, forgive him and cast their votes based on his merits against those of any opponents.

Allow me to extend kudos on behalf of all veterans to those folks who helped make the Veterans Day Parade through downtown Waco possible. The area school bands, drill teams, ROTC units, HOT Young Marines, veteran organizations, classic cars and various floats and vehicles festooned with American flags and patriotic signs parading down Austin Avenue through a revitalized and attractive downtown district provided good photo opportunities. I wore my T-shirt with a “Vietnam Veteran” decal on the chest. Midway Goal Tenders looked for folks they could identify as veterans among bystanders. Three left the formation to greet me and give me their personalized handwritten cards that basically said “Thanks for serving our country,” a nice gesture indeed!

A number of area restaurants also offered free meals to veterans. I took my family to Applebee’s for dinner and enjoyed a free meal while receiving excellent service from Taylor, our waiter. I also recognize Waco’s Doris Miller VA hospital for excellent health care recently. Their appointment desk clerk worked hard to get me in early on a cancellation to see the dermatologist who diagnosed my skin rash as eczema and prescribed a medication with good results. The VA service I’ve experienced continues to improve, offering better medical care with shorter wait times. They recommend veterans get flu shots now if they haven’t done so.

May God continue to bless the USA!

Mike Miller, Hewitt

Plenty to digest

Great job with last Sunday’s paper: Opinion editor Bill Whitaker’s analysis of the first Twin Peaks trial, staff writer J.B. Smith’s story on Magnolia Market at the Silos and sports editor Brice Cherry’s column on Baylor made the paper one of the best in memory. Thoughtful. Thought-provoking. And chock full of information. Made me happy to be a subscriber. Really added to my Sunday morning. Thanks.

Dan Savage, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dan Savage is retired two-time publisher of the Trib.