Sunday’s winning trioI wanted to take a moment to commend the Waco Tribune-Herald for the excellent op-ed columns written by Jessica Attas, Bill Whitaker and Congressman Bill Flores published in Sunday’s newspaper. Particularly, I wanted to bring attention to Congressman Flores’ column, “We don’t need any drop-in candidates.” Although we differ on most political positions, on this subject I agree with Congressman Flores.

The situation with the elite GOP attempting to “drop” Pete Sessions into Congressional District 17 has been attempted before and the outcome was not successful. The year was 2005 and the GOP transplanted a young businessman and Mobil Oil heir from Collin County into McLennan County in an attempt to unseat Congressman Chet Edwards in the 2006 election. Van Taylor was the GOP candidate and he had all the credentials that the GOP decision-makers thought vital to winning this race: youth, military experience, well-financed and deep pockets. What he did not have was a knowledge of District 17, the constituents on both sides of the aisle and the issues vital to us.

Pete Sessions, you have served long enough in Congress. Stay in Florida and enjoy your retirement.

Congressional District 17 needs someone who is willing to represent all her constituents equally, a person familiar with issues vital to both urban and rural citizens — not someone who only represents persons of their same political affiliation.

Thank you again for the excellent op-eds.

Tammie Hartgroves, SD22 SDEC Committeewoman, McGregor

Accountable to whom?The grand irony of the Republican Party conservatives lies in their rabid desire to stack the courts, overturn Roe v. Wade and leave the NRA completely unfettered. Legislation on gun control has been sitting on Mitch’s desk for quite a while! No action on gun control. Why? They obviously aren’t too bothered by our children being gunned down in schools or churches or malls. Or held in cages, separated from parents.

I would like an explanation from Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. I bet there are others like me.

Dorothy Brown, Lorena

Ambassador PearsonAs an important fixture at Waco Regional Airport, Robert Pearson did more than shine shoes. Robert was an instrumental part of Waco’s transformation — before the Magnolia phenomenon. Perhaps his impact was less understood by airport and city leaders because they hail from here.

As a transplant from Cincinnati, I commuted weekly between 2009-2011. Whether I had shine-worthy shoes on or not, Robert would warmly greet and welcome me “home.” During those two years, I struggled feeling like Waco was home as Waco was a small town less welcome to outsiders. Robert made you feel Waco could become a home.

I’m sorry to hear that Waco lost an important ambassador at Waco Regional as Robert Pearson was an important part of the Waco brand experience for visitors, residents and frequent travelers who were considering Waco as a home.

Andrea Dixon, Waco

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