A reckoning?

As a white person, I can say this without doubt or contradiction.

The first black people I ever knew were two schoolmate girls and one guy. I honestly couldn’t say if there were any Hispanics. I was already 14. Unbelievable? Believe it.

I was 18 before I truly grasped and realized I was brought up with the ideology that I was superior, just because of the white skin I owned. Nothing particularly overt, just an understanding. I’m Deep South, after all. It was the diversity I encountered in college that began my thought reconstruction. And being the natural rebel that I am, I made a conscious decision to view people on their own merit. And not be confined to any societal constraints, or geographic tribal ignorance.

I am a free being, free to choose.

As a 63-year-old, still proud to be a Texan, I wince to think that white supremacy, even in its subtlety, is still thriving in my state. More than wince, I double over.

Not only do statistics prove whites will become a minority in the near future, but the very fear of that, for some, is particularly ironic to me. Because then, a form of reckoning is unfolded. The shoe is on the white foot then. We have a long road: our children’s children’s road. Walk in them. And if that makes you too uncomfortable, take them off, and walk with everyone now.

Linda Gilleland Stewart, Crawford

Who’s laughing now?

For one of the first times I have some agreement with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on video games and brainwashing violence.

Several years ago I had commented on my perceived connection between the escalation of dangerous driving habits exhibited on our streets and a video game which focused on extremely illegal driving and other anti-social behaviors.

I was openly laughed at by my peers. Who has the last laugh now?

Nancy Marquis, Waco

That old nugget

Nice juxtaposition by the Trib (intentional or otherwise) of this page’s regurgitation of Faux News talking points by Lynn Woolley (Him again? Really?) blaming video games for white nationalists who enjoy slaughtering innocent non-white citizens with the Page 7A headline, “Studies cast doubt on game violence theory.”

Video games? That excuse has been debunked for decades, but leave it to the white Russian party to dig up that old nugget for recycling again since they can’t and won’t admit the obvious: white supremacists are a large segment of Trump’s base!

Sorry, Charlie, but games don’t kill people, guns kill people.

William Howard, McGregor

Petty injustice

The recent city council meeting regarding the nonprofit grocery on Elm Avenue was something which I found deeply disturbing. It brings up the question: What are we as a community to allow such petty injustice to happen?

Who are we to put appearances over service to those in need? Why do we feel the need to put our own gentrifying visions as priority over those who will suffer from them? Let us not allow this issue to become unimportant, and let the council know that if it is to continue to act against its constituents east of the river, it will be held accountable for such. Let us not fail our fellow residents by failing to provide for them.

Chandler Evans, Hewitt

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