Gospel truth?

Who is Carl Hoover that we should accept his word as gospel truth? He begins his fake news story with “lies” about liberal candidates and never mentions the vicious attacks against our president. Then we have one and a half pages of Bill Whitaker, so-called opinion page editor, who is cheerleader for Democrats.

Your “news” completely omits any good news from the right. I may not have voted for Mr. Obama, but I had respect for him because he was elected. Considering the major improvements made to our economy, military, immigration and race relations, why aren’t these stories printed? Instead, we get some idiotic tripe from a person identified as a member of “The Board of Contributors.” Clean up your act and I’m sure your circulation will increase.

Jack Crane, Waco

Fiscal truth?

As former owner of a small business, I was always aware you don’t spend more money than you have coming in. President Trump claims to be a great businessman. If true, why did he file multiple bankruptcies? How many of his subcontractors and vendors did he put out of business?

His new federal budget calls for deficits of more than a trillion dollars into the foreseeable future at a time of almost total employment and low interest rates and, to hear him, the greatest economy in history. Government coffers should be overflowing. Instead we spend $3 billion a day more than we take in! The Congressional Budget Office predicts the nation will suffer unless Congress makes “significant changes to tax and spending policies.”

The United States can’t file for bankruptcy and start over again as Trump’s previous businesses have done. To be such a “stable genius with great and unmatched wisdom,” he sure seems to have learned squat from his past mistakes. Woe unto him who angers His Highness.

Randy Raper, Waco

American truth?

Will you remember me? I am a motherless child locked in a cage trying not to cry all night. I have done nothing wrong. Will I ever see my mother again?

This great country was built on immigrants. This great country used to welcome diversity. This great country used to have compassion and believe in the dignity of all men. I have a dream that one day I too will belong to this great country. Now this country is home to the sons of immigrants who are steadfastly anti-immigration. The majority of those working in the White House are descendants of immigrants. The president’s mother was born in Scotland and his grandfather, who owned a brothel in the Midwest, was born in Germany. Presidential adviser Stephen Miller’s relatives came over without a penny to their name. None were locked in cages.

I have a dream. Will you remember me?

Raymond Arsenault, Belton

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