Passing judgment on the Trib

Thanks to Gary A. Praesel for his letter on May 1st. He expressed the feeling that many of us have about the Waco Tribune-Herald. As a retired professional from the petroleum industry I have lived in many cities in the Southwest. Even though the majority of the residents in most of those locations were conservative, the opinions expressed in the newspapers and from articles printed from national sources such as the biased Washington Post overwhelmingly leaned left. Are the ideologies of those papers determined by the owners such as the Hearst Corporation and Berkshire Hathaway? I would be interested in knowing. Anyway thanks, Gary, for your letter.

Alan Simon, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: To answer your specific question regarding the Trib, no.

* * *

It is difficult to understand how someone with the competence to achieve senior leadership positions in the U.S. Air Force could believe that Fox News was the only media source reporting the truth about Russian involvement in our elections. I suggest Col. Gary Praesel listen to PBS Radio News (or the BBC) for accurate and unbiased reporting of the news. Rather than read the Washington Times, he’d be better off reading the Wall Street Journal, which does reliable and thorough reporting of both U.S. and world news, while maintaining a somewhat anti-liberal slant in its editorial comments.

As a satisfied subscriber to the Waco Trib for more than 30 years, I applaud its sound editorial staff and their presentation of a balanced view of opinions.

Adrian Schmidhauser, Waco

Outdated energy thinking

I was disappointed to read Terry Jarrett’s opinion piece in the Trib featuring the coal industry’s outdated perspectives on renewable energy. With due respect, a state as energy-rich as Texas doesn’t need to stay hooked on dirty, imported coal to produce power when we’ve been so richly blessed with infinite wind and solar resources along with our abundant natural gas. Terry and his coal-promoting friends should come on down to Texas and take note of what we’ve accomplished.

Terry’s correct that our state’s world-class industrial base will need abundant affordable power to rebound from the economic challenges caused by this pandemic. Abundance and affordability are two of the reasons why many of our state’s leading manufacturers have made commitments to use Texas renewables. Half of all corporate power-purchase agreements for renewables are signed in Texas, allowing leading companies like Exxon Mobil, General Motors, Mars, Amazon, Dow and many more to benefit from cleaner, cheaper energy for their operations.

We’re an energy state and know how to leverage our state’s resources to deliver power that the Energy Information Administration says is among the cheapest in the country. Renewable energy is a big part of our mix, providing 20% of the state’s power, bringing investments to communities and schools across our state.

Renewable energy opponents backed by coal love to make unfounded predictions while ignoring the continued success our innovative state has had in delivering cleaner, cheaper power. We’ve proven that Texas renewables, partnered with Texas natural gas, can deliver an affordable reliable power system that saves water and protects our natural spaces. Texas will lead the nation in economic recovery and the Texans I know appreciate affordable power, economic growth and clean Texas skies. Terry can keep his imported coal, thank you very much.

Jeff Clark, President, Advance Power Alliance, Austin

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