Neighborly Waco?

I am ashamed as a human being at what I saw at the grocery store Sunday morning. To have to have an armed law enforcement officer at H-E-B to keep people from acting like animals is something that broke my heart. It didn’t help when a man told everyone in line that he didn’t have to stand in line to go in the grocery store and left those people standing in the rain who had been there an hour to deal with it. I saw an act of courage by a woman wearing a pink shirt. They were letting people in 10 at a time and a group pushed ahead of the others; she stood at the door with the H-E-B employee and would not budge till the people who had followed the rules got in the store. As a result she did not get any toilet paper or take any that was offered. Employees at the store are not at fault but saw people treating them like dirt. I thanked every H-E-B employee I saw and heard awful stories about what they’re dealing with.

We are trying to take care of our son in California where they are out of everything. We’re also watching after ourselves and an elderly neighbor. I do not understand the bottled water crisis. There’s nothing wrong with what comes out of your faucet, the illness is not waterborne or airborne and plain soap and water is just as effective as hand sanitizer. I have always loved living here and how polite people treat one another. But for some reason we have forgotten to take care of one another, and at the very first sign of trouble.

Know this: Children are watching to see how you cope. They will recognize when adults act like children. A little boy standing in line asked his mom if they would run out of Big Red. In his small world, the one thing he could not cope with was no Big Red. So I leaned over and said I had seen lots of it and it would not be a problem. So to every employee who works in a grocery store, thank you. Consider this a blanket apology for the people who are being jerks. I would like to use another word but they will not print it.

Find a way to help. If they close the schools, call and find out how they are going to feed the kids who depend on schools for meals. Volunteer. This will pass as everything does. There is enough for everyone if everyone will just calm down. This is not the first time those of us who are older have been through a pandemic, and this may be a good lesson for these younger generations who want everything right this second. Let’s all calm down and try to behave like the Christians we profess to be on Sunday.

Janet Smith, Waco

March Madness Sadness

68 teams will not play basketball

Because of the pandemic virus

The powers that be have all conferred

And the consensus — there’s problems around us.

It appears that there’s more trouble to go.

So, we’re not through this mess at all.

It covers sporting events around the world,

And about everything that uses a ball.

There you have it, all you fans,

What do you think about this sadness?

The answer — start your spring cleaning,

And wait another year for March Madness.

Ben Hagins, Woodway

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