Twin Peaks shootout

We have homegrown terrorists allowed to meet at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco: rival gangs killing nine with 170 gang members in jail and threats of more violence. This restaurant knew there would be trouble, just as the Culwell Center in Garland was aware of the danger of hosting a cartoon competition depicting Muhammad.

How much longer will we put our citizens and our police in harm’s way to protect the civil rights of thugs and troublemakers? Sounds like anarchy to me. Those who agreed to host the events should be held accountable.

Meg Hillert, Dallas

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In the wake of the horrific bloodshed spilled on Waco soil at Twin Peaks, I have never felt more protective and proud of my hometown. And I have never felt more safe.

Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton and the team’s exemplary actions in both trying to prevent the conflict and serving this community afterward stand true to what real heroes do for us without notice — acts that we, the public, are unaware of, even as they occur on a daily basis. The police force must be recognized and commended. They shine as beacons amid this current storm of national distrust of law enforcement.

Waco might have once been known as Six Shooter Junction, but in this modern Wild West story, the bad guys lose and our lawmen still wear white hats.

Linda Gilleland Stewart, Crawford

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I just looked at most of the mug shots of the motorcyclists involved in the mess in Waco. What a bunch of losers. I haven’t seen such dirty, sloppy-looking men in my life: hair dirty, clothes dirty — some looked like they were on drugs/alcohol. I bet none of them had an IQ above 90, if that. I can’t imagine the management of Twin Peaks allowed them in there. They should be arrested for giving the bikers a place to meet.

And I thought Austin’s Sixth Street was bad.

Lawrence Holland, Georgetown

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We were most impressed with the clarity and strength of Waco police Sgt. Patrick Swanton’s words quoted in the Trib and his TV press conference Sunday after the motorcycle-gang shootings. He was articulate, forceful and reassuring. (Hope by now some angel of mercy has ministered to that obviously severe sunburn he suffered while standing outside all day under the rays of the Texas sun.) Hooray for the police and other law enforcement people who helped.

Jeanie and Bert Mercer, Waco

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My family and I are immensely proud of and grateful for the Waco police and sheriff’s office. Police Sgt. Swanton and Sheriff McNamara acquitted themselves well before the national media. Thanks also to other state and local agencies that helped. The Twin Peaks incident is but one highly visible example of the diligent but often unrecognized work they do daily. We are Waco Strong!

Ian Gravagne, Waco