Quick to politicize

I won the over-under bet with my wife. I said the Democrats wouldn’t make it one day before they turn the Las Vegas shooting into a call for more gun control. They didn’t even make it 18 hours. Never mind even waiting to determine what current laws the gunman broke to acquire his arsenal and ammunition. One very likely broken law is his possession of an automatic weapon.

But this is all a very familiar pattern by liberals because it’s never about gun control, it’s about gun confiscation. Liberals will never be happy until the second amendment is repealed and American citizens are totally disarmed.

However, the last time the government tried to confiscate Americans’ guns was in 1775 at Concord and Lexington.

Marty Esposito, Robinson

Global ignorance

Perhaps Baylor Professor Bill McBride, in his criticism of Garrison Keillor’s column, ought to advise Equifax on computer data encryption instead of masquerading as a climatologist. He states that Hurricane Harvey was the result of “. . . unpredictable forces of nature that perhaps might occur in 100 to 500 years.”

Considering the inconvenient truth that Houston has had three such events in the last three years, Texans should not bury our collective heads in the sand (as our elective representatives choose to do) but be aware that real climate change is occurring and those changes are not going to be pleasant! How will we explain to future generations that while their world melted and burned we preferred to focus on corporate profits instead of being cognizant of our surroundings? Saying “Well, I was conservative .. .” is one mighty sad excuse.

William Howard, McGregor

Do we all agree?

I truly hate labels of any kind but they have come to rule our society. I cannot believe people will pay good money for an article of clothing with the name of a beverage, a brand of car or anything of that sort. My grandchildren go to a school that does not allow such ignorance and simple conforming clothing are the rule of the day. Too many people are hung up on adopting a label to compensate for a lack of self esteem. Deep down I believe that many people agree on basics such as:

We agree that hard work and sacrifice is the true path to success.

We agree that corporate America sees everyone other than themselves as serfs.

We agree that too many people today want something for nothing and will resort to any means to acquire it.

We agree that too many people have a sense of entitlement.

We agree that the American flag and “Star-Spangle Banner” are the real symbols of America.

Ask most Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc and they might believe several of the things mentioned above. Join the fight to outlaw labels.

Thomas Vorderkunz, Woodway