Profile in courage

It is wonderful to share a profile in courage during this time of Republican inhumanity, corruption, cruelty, crimes and massive lying. If you can believe it, Catholic Bishop Mark Seitz went into Mexico and actually walked back a Honduras family with three children across the bridge from Mexico in defiance of our 4F fraud of a president, the Republican Party, the Republican Senate, our evangelical theocracy and all the white supremacists. May Jesus Christ smile on your Christianity.

But golly gee, what are we going to do with these murderers, rapists and thieves that he brought across the border? Well, don’t worry, we have thousands and thousands of men, women and soldiers who are prepared to perform presidential sponsored crimes. They will commit the crime of kidnaping by taking away children from their families, even though a court ruling says they can’t. They will commit the crime of child abuse by putting children in cages on concrete floors amid filthy conditions and placing children where they will never see their families again.

It is astounding, but an evangelical leader and pro-lifers have said that God smiles upon our pathological President Donny T and this immigration abomination. By the way, where are our religious disciples who care so deeply about being Christ-like in this time of need? I guess they are hiding and praying .... that anti-immigration fanatics won’t find them!

Shucks, all these foreigners are here illegally. Well, one of the best Republican secrets is that their dirty tricksters passed a code section that made crossing the border a crime so they could say the migrants were here illegally and could treat them worse than animals. The irony is my Gaelic and Norse ancestors, in order to escape the quotas of English nationalists in New York and Boston, walked across the border from Canada, marked off a plot of land, registered it and built a log cabin.

And to think I represented America and risked my life as a Marine for this political travesty.

Mike O’Bric, Marine Corps Mustang, Woodway

Drat, another tariff!

We have taken the Waco Trib for at least 50 years. We pay for our newspaper by sending a check through the mail. We do not like to let companies “auto-debit” our bank account because then you open yourself up to possible future troubles. We pay our water, electric, gas, telephone, credit cards, etc. using this same method and we purchase stamps to mail in our bills. But now the Waco Trib bill we just received has a “Mailed Subscription Renewal Charge” of $2.95. You have got to be joking me! I find this very upsetting, but I will add an ounce of humor and say: If the Waco Trib is now printed in China and this is a new tariff, then I understand!

Keith Bass, Waco

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