De Cordova’s mark

I greatly enjoyed the Jan. 27 Trib article by Phillip Ericksen on Jacob de Cordova, relating de Cordova’s importance to the founding of Waco. Waco has so much diverse history for which Wacoans should be grateful and proud. The information on Jacob de Cordova has been sadly overlooked in many cases.

I’m delighted to remind Wacoans that during the Texas Sesquicentennial years ago, the Waco Jewish community developed a series of activities celebrating Jacob de Cordova which culminated in the dedication of a historical marker at Indian Spring Park on land originally donated to the city by de Cordova. The Jewish Federation of Waco along with historical Jewish Congregations Agudath Jacob and Temple Rodef Sholom, all founded in the late 1800s, participated in the work to make this celebration a reality.

It is important for Wacoans, young and old, to recognize contributions of early pioneers such as Jacob de Cordova, Neil McLennan and George Erath whose early vision led to the founding of our city.

Harry Harelik, Waco

Steel slats, anyone?

Many people do not understand why this president is so fixated on “walls and barriers” that he shut down our government, causing national chaos, destroying lives of hundreds of thousands of American workers and raising the threat of real catastrophe over 35 days. Many of the president’s family, friends and former employees who worked on his presidential campaign are now behind walls and barriers — or will very soon be there. The president himself will likely spend some extended time within certain walls and barriers, so maybe it makes sense he is so interested in this infrastructure.

Now that you know President Trump’s reason for being so focused on walls and barriers, tell all your friends and others so they can understand.

Jim Denton, Gatesville