Anti-Trump bias!

I read with interest your Nov. 23 approval of the White House Correspondents’ Association decision to get presidential biographer Ron Chernow as replacement speaker for the traditional comedic headliner. The comedian’s role has been to lob disparaging but hopefully funny barbs at the president. Why bother? The public is bombarded every day by disparaging barbs, pronouncements and ridicule of our president. Just watch or read what print and live journalists have to say about him. How many are positive about anything he says or does? That’s all gotten old, but not funny either.

You seem to be eagerly awaiting Chernow to set Trump straight once and for all by pointing out his failures to meet presidential norms. You mention norms of compromise and earnest policymaking. Has Trump never compromised with lawmakers and the resistant left over implementing the promises he ran on?

And what in the world is “earnest policy-making”?

We elected a non-politician to be president. If we had wanted to bolster all the norms (provided they were left-leaning), then Hillary Clinton would be president.

Be prepared for Trump to survive this WHCA effort as undeterred and norm-busting as the day he was elected. Apparently Chernow was thoroughly vetted, as you seem to assume, to say nothing that would be approving of our president’s job performance. So what else is new?

Juanita Case, Hewitt

Conservative bias!

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” so finely put by William Shakespeare, cannot be assigned to describe the Nov. 2 article written by Trib staff writer Cassie L. Smith. A fitting description for the thinly veiled conservative bias shown by Ms. Smith should read, “a cow patty by any other name would surely still wreak.”

In her article reporting on complaints against two election judges, Smith went out of her way to criticize the number of voters at the Waco Multi-Purpose Center in East Waco by reporting that it “has drawn fewer voters than most of the other [voting] centers.” Well, “fewer than most” means the center is not last.

In fact, at the time the article was published, the Waco Multi-Purpose Center had drawn some 2,000 more voters than it did in the last midterm elections. I think this is something that should be lauded. I assume Ms. Smith’s writing is an attempt to calm her conservative audience. Whatever the case may be for her bias, Ms. Smith and any other journalist should not put personal leanings in their writings. The public asks for nothing but fairness.

Robert Morgan, Hewitt

Passing grade

Well, I took the World War I test and scored 80 percent. History is like a wheel: What goes around, comes around. If you do not learn from history, you are doomed to repeat mistakes of the past.

Thank Dr. Keene for the mental exercise.

Dan Dayton, West