Most admired couple

It should come as no surprise to those who observe the American political and social landscape that former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have recently been named in a recent nationwide Gallup Poll as the most admired man and woman in our country. Even after having departed the White House two years ago, the pair was recognized by people throughout our country for their contributions, compassion, intelligence and exemplary lifestyles that have positively influenced the minds, personal choices and interests of people around the world.

Mrs. Obama’s biography, “Becoming,” was purchased by more than one million people in the first week of its release in December. More than likely it will become one of the best-selling political biographies of all time. Her book mirrors the former first lady’s honesty, vision and intellect. In her book, Michelle Obama reveals she opposed her husband’s decision to enter politics, yet because they trusted and believed in one another she agreed he should pursue his dream. With that decision, the Obamas began a journey which resulted in their being among the most potent political couples in American history.

The new year marks the 11th consecutive year that our former president has been chosen as the most admired man in the country. The only other person with more first-place finishes is former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a military hero highly regarded for overseeing the massive D-Day invasion.

It’s quite interesting that exactly 400 years after the first slaves were brought to our country in 1619, brutally treated and disdained, the two people receiving the most reverence by our population are Americans who, like those slaves, are people of color.

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, Dallas

EDITOR’S NOTE: Eddie Bernice Johnson is a native Wacoan. She has served on the House committee on science, space and technology as well as that overseeing transportation and infrastructure.

Getting converted

Some adjustments and additions to Jerry Lenamon’s metric madness letter of Dec. 21: While dealing with NASA one must use metric measurement only. This mandate came after bouncing a lander off the Mars surface caused by a conversion snafu.

The U.S. government is metric only, but Congress permits the public to cling to the numerically dysfunctional and idiotic English system of measurement. We’re actually hybrid. I buy a liter of soft drink but am forced to buy a quart of milk. Hard spirits are sold in metric measure only, beer by the liquid ounce.

I can no longer buy my orange juice by the half-gallon or 1.89-liter. My brand is now sold by a hard metric 1.75 L. My window caulk is now a hard metric 300 mL or 10.2 fl. oz. So we’re changing.

Ernie Wilson, Hewitt