Fungible dollars

In her May 3 column, Dr. Iliana Neumann states that “…Texas legislators … are causing … devastating consequences for uninsured women [needing] cancer screenings, annual exams, birth control and other health care.” She despairs that “women forgo or delay breast and cancer screenings [and] birth control that would have been accessible … from … Planned Parenthood [PP].”

Dr. Neumann should be telling women of the Healthy Texas Women (HTW) program offered by the State of Texas. HTW offers virtually all the services that Dr. Neumann lists and most HTW services are free for the uninsured. She bemoans women’s “limited options.” Limited options? The HTW website lists more than 100 physicians and/or clinics within five miles of zip code 76701, including Dr. Neumann’s Family Health Center. See and click on Find a Doctor.

Dr. Neumann states that “Tax dollars do not fund abortion in Texas.” That’s correct, but unlike medical services, dollars are fungible. If PP were included in the State of Texas programs, PP could use taxpayer funds in other areas and free up those unused dollars to finance its abortion practice.

An easy solution to Dr. Neumann’s problem is for PP to stop doing abortions. Then the Texas Legislature would almost certainly include PP in women’s health-care programs.

Nicholas O’Connor, Waco

No fun at Midway

Midway Independent School District is sucking the fun out of graduation. The kids are not allowed to decorate their caps. They can’t have any piercings, tattoos, facial hair or “unnatural hair color,” etc. They can’t have extensions in their hair if it doesn’t fit under their cap. They claim the reason for this is because the ceremony is for parents and should look professional.

Wait, is this a business meeting or a graduation? Since when do any of these things determine whether a child is worthy of graduating or not? If this is about the parents, then let the children be themselves as their parents see them. This is not about the kids or the parents. This is about Midway. There’s nothing more important to this school district than their rules and money. And FYI, my child doesn’t have piercings, tattoos or unnatural hair color but others do and should be allowed to be themselves on this special day.

Cher Meyers, Robinson

What’s the fuss?

What’s all the fuss about getting Donald Trump’s tax returns?

First, we know he makes a lot of money. Second, I doubt if any of us regular voters could read them and make any sense out of all the figures.

The economy is good. So let’s thank President Trump for that so we can move on to something else. Like the problems at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Bill Foster, Bill Foster and Associates, Waco