Who believes Trump?

Trump orders the killing of an Iranian general. There’s no doubt this general was guilty of many murders against Americans. Yet one wonders about the sudden timing and reason for this assassination.

Some administration officials say it was because of imminent threats, though no proof is offered. Others say it was because of future threats, though again no proof is offered. Vice President Pence says the killing was carried out because Iran was behind the 9/11 attacks, which U.S. intelligence experts brand a complete lie. Fifteen of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, a key enemy of Iran.

Trump did not inform Congress but did tell Sen. Lindsey Graham. He still has offered no information about the imminent threats he insists are credible. Trump State TV, which always screams about the “deep state,” has suddenly found that the intelligence community’s findings are truthful. Does Trump think this killing will alter Iranian threats? Why should we believe President Liar-in-Chief (15,000-plus lies) who has previously said the FBI and State Department are part of the deep state and cannot be trusted because they’re out to get him? Now, suddenly, these same people are credible?

Remember when Trump in 2011 said that “our president [Obama] will start a war with Iran because he has absolutely no ability to negotiate.” Trump accused Obama of attempting to start a war to boost his reelection chances. The grim truth is we had a working nuclear agreement with Iran but Trump blew that up. Now Iran is restarting its plans to build a nuclear weapon.

Pandora’s box has flown open!

Randy Broussard, Belton

Blowing in the wind

Keep Waco Beautiful has good intentions; however, we need to keep Waco clean first.

As I was driving down Ritchie Road between Panther Way and Old McGregor Road, I noticed that stretch has become a dumping ground for bottles, cans and plastic shopping bags. Ritchie Road is being used more since construction has opened up to allow traffic flow.

New Mexico has made it a law to not use plastic grocery shopping bags. Debris is evident in our city with our plastic bags blowing away and getting stuck in trees and bushes. This is what makes Waco look messy and unclean. Please write your congressman such as Bill Flores or his new replacement to require reusable shopping bags.

Jan Gentry, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Incidentally, these particular plastic-bag bans arise from local ordinances, not state law, in New Mexico.

Doggone departure

Dr. LuAnn Ervin, owner of Texas Animal Medical Center and the world’s best, most compassionate veterinarian, is retiring and moving to College Station. My wife and I are losing a great friend and our vet for the past 20-plus years. Dr. Ervin has provided a free dog-walk park for at least the past 10 years. Many times she mows the park herself!

College Station’s gain is a big loss for Waco and many surrounding communities. Here’s wishing the very best in Aggieland to Dr. Ervin!

John Cawthron Sr., McGregor

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