In Trump we trust?

What will be the legacy of the 45th president? Donald J. Trump’s biggest worry should not be impeachment/removal from office, failure to be re-elected, loss of respect by America’s most cherished friends and allies and the fact a majority of Americans disapproved his performance since becoming president. No, as a self-absorbed human being, Trump’s biggest fear should be history.

History will record that he was the most incompetent, narcissistic and reckless president — an occupant of the White House who incessantly lied; stoked division, fear and hate; undermined the Constitution; violated the oath of office; disregarded the rule of law; threatened democracy; and, most of all, made the world less safe. Long after Trump is gone from this world, he no longer will be able to rhetorically control the narrative and deflect attention from his wrongful deeds. Americans — including members of Trump’s future family — will know the unvarnished truth, seeing him for who he was. The stain Trump leaves on our great nation will be indelible. I only hope we will learn from his egregious failures, becoming a stronger country less vulnerable to others who seek to emulate him.

It is possible, of course, that Trump may not care. As a friend reminds me, the problem is that this president doesn’t care about the future, only the now; he engages in immediate gratification with no focus on future consequences. To the extent he thinks about future consequences, it is a matter of “I’ll deal with them if they happen” and not really a plan or consideration till they happen. Hence, Trump lives only in the moment, which is why pathological lying is OK. There is no past and no future.

Sadly, that’s why accountability may never be a possibility for the 45th president of the United States.

Richard Cherwitz, University of Texas at Austin

* * *

For those who wasted time reading the collection of false statements in Trib contributor Duke Machado’s recent column “Impeachment Articles Full of Innuendo,” anyone interested in facts can begin by noting that his first lie was that impeachment began with the “made-up Steele Dossier.”

For almost three years our draft-dodger president and commander in chief of more than 15,000 lies, our glorious leader who has kidnapped more than 2,700 migrant children this past year from their families and is an unindicted co-conspirator in a felony, has spun this fairy tale of “alternative reality.” It claims he was not helped by Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Yet how many of his staff are in jail now? The mountain of evidence of Trump’s dealings with corrupt foreign “players,” particularly the Russians, goes back decades. Fiona Hill under oath recently called this conspiracy a “political rabbit hole.” And an inspector general last month knocked down a whole series of Trump conspiracy theories: among them, the Russian investigation was underway well before ex-intelligence officer Christopher Steele tried to help the FBI with a “crime in progress.”

There are so many false statements, lies, Republican propaganda and alternative facts, it’s amazing anyone would violate his or her personal integrity writing a column such as Mr. Machado’s. The vote of impeachment by the House of Representatives of his Majesty, the perfect Donald John Trump, is based on hard facts that reveal him as the “scum” he calls the FBI.

Mike O’Bric, Woodway

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