Veterans court kudos

I read with great interest reporter Tommy Witherspoon’s article regarding the new McLennan County veteran court and the mental health court.

I personally can’t think of two finer judges to lead these courts than Judge Gary Coley and Judge David Hodges.

First, I would like to thank the McLennan County commissioners for the approval and funding of these new courts for veterans. As has been stated in the press for years, veterans’ mental health, after returning from combat, must be addressed by our country.

There are many veterans who should not be in jail today because they suffer from mental issues directly related to their military service. With the assistance and cooperation of the VA and MHMR in providing services for these new courts, I believe a much better outcome is possible for our society and our veterans.

McLennan County residents should be proud of the work of our commissioners court, as well as many of the veteran groups, for addressing this important issue of our returning veterans, who have fought for the freedoms we all live under today.

Sam Cryan, Woodway

Hollywood is dirty

This letter will probably upset some people, especially the ones that are making big bucks on the terrible movies kids watch. They are full of violence, drugs, nudity and other bad things. Is this where the kids learn to go out and kill people and other school kids? Hollywood should clean up its act.

Bill Foster, Waco

Cameron is clean

Many thanks to the parks department for having Cameron Park ready for Easter festivities. My family thoroughly enjoyed the park amenities on Easter Sunday and are grateful to have such a clean and accessible venue here in Waco.

Robert Cervantes, Waco

Gem of a spotlight

I applaud the Trib’s recent trend of spotlighting local heroes/heroines on the front page — good news about good people.

(Monday’s) article about 88-year-old bilingual tutor Ginger Terrell is a gem, as is she. Keep up the good news.

Susan Voneida, Woodway

No collusion

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report clearly shows that there was no collusion between President Trump, his campaign, and Russia.

Those charged with crimes included Russians who meddled in the election process in other ways, those charged with crimes that happened before Trump’s campaign for president, and those whose crimes occurred during the investigation process, after the election.

The crimes of this last group were mainly entrapments by prosecutors trying to get individuals to give evidence against Trump. How many lives have these accusers ruined trying to bring down this president? This gives an indication of how they will rule this country if ever given a chance.

Now, because Trump made strong statements and wanted to take actions against the false charges, the Democrats are charging him with obstruction.

So, who is really guilty: Trump, who with some associates, have been falsely accused; or those who falsely accused him, and now accuse him of obstruction because he made strong statements against them? If these accusers were similarly falsely charged, how would they have reacted? Now they are using the entrapment method against Trump!

I wonder if any Democrats went to Easter church services this past week where they might have heard the teachings of one who said: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you; and do not judge so that you will not be judged; for in the way you judge, you will be judged.

Unfortunately, those who have taken up these secular life values, no longer follow the founding values of our Western civilization.

Don Hardcastle, Waco