Living history

Hats off to Brad Livingstone for having Vietnam War veteran David Hanks speak to the history class which he teaches at Vanguard College Preparatory School. I find it amazing that so many Americans, including myself, really do not know the true story of the Vietnam War.

The war was being fought during my high school and college days. All that I knew was that if I stayed in school and had a student deferment, I would not be drafted. I lived the college frat boy lifestyle at the University of Texas while hundreds of servicemen were losing their lives daily. My roommates and I would watch CBS News every night when anchor Walter Cronkite announced the most recent number of casualties. Sad to say, I never knew why our troops were there and, even more sadly, I still really don’t know why.

I do know when our troops returned home that the vast majority of them were treated unkindly. I have seen this depicted in films such as “Born on the Fourth of July,” “Forrest Gump” and “The Deer Hunter.” I have friends who fought in Vietnam and friends who are widows of soldiers who lost their lives there who cannot, as Mr. Hanks cannot, watch these types of movies because of all of the unpleasant memories which are evoked. Each and every one of these men is, in my opinion, a true hero.

David Hanks, thank you for your service to our country and thank you for sharing your memories of the war with the students at Vanguard.

Gary Merritt, Waco

A bridge too far

I have read with interest about the cost overruns on the Waco Suspension Bridge [Dec. 20] and the Washington Avenue [Feb. 5] projects. The Waco City Council depends on Design Professionals for accurate probable cost estimates. For Design Professionals to say the market is here one day and here another day is a lame excuse to say the least. Design Professionals should always know the market.

As a professional commercial cost estimator with more than 40 years’ experience, I would have been fired without pay for mistakes like these. The council and the taxpayers of Waco need to ask hard questions and demand accurate answers.

Paul A. Svacek, construction consultant, China Spring

Paging history

After hearing President Trump call for prayers to benefit America’s anchorman Rush Limbaugh; after celebrating a military hero’s reunion with his family; after seeing soldiers salute their senior World War II model, I turned off the State of the Union TV message with a single question: Why did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi publicly tear up the paper trail of her avowed daily prayers for the president? Actions speak far more loudly than this speaker’s words. . .

Kay King-Hill, Eddy

* * *

Congrats, Dems! You have an actual walking, talking mascot! Nancy Pelosi auditioned for it after President Trump finished his State of the Union address by ripping up his speech. There can be no doubt that she made a complete ass of herself, thereby becoming the new face of the party. All new placards will show a GOP elephant and . . . Nancy.

Juanita Case, Hewitt

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