Unmatched wisdom

I liked the column “Contemplating a time of healing for all Americans” by Waco Trib contributors David Gallagher and David Schleicher, and I agree that a full-blown constitutional crisis is upon us, but I disagree as to the cause. They lay blame solely at the feet of President Trump and declare in their infinite wisdom that they saw it coming.

This whole crisis is based on a whistleblower of dubious political connections who met with Congressman Adam Schiff and provided second-hand information about President Trump. It seems possible a script could have been provided the whistleblower by the congressman. If so, we certainly have an instance of abuse of power.

Where is it written that it is against the rules to ask the leader of a foreign country for help in investigating corruption? Surely Gallagher and Schleicher must see there’s something wrong with what Joe Biden did in threatening to withhold $1 billion unless a certain Ukrainian prosecutor was removed. And Hunter Biden on the board of a Ukrainian energy company? C’mon on, guys.

President Trump is at war with the Democrats in Congress and the Democrats are at war with him.

Someone long ago said this:

To rule, one has to survive,

To survive, one has to fight.

Democrats will stop at nothing to get Trump. They will marshal all their forces so they can right, in their view, the perceived wrongs of the 2016 election. This crisis will play out and I believe the citizens of the United States are smarter than David and T Bone give them credit for. They suggest it’s too early to heal. Maybe, but we will heal and it will be for the better.

Joe A. Hunter, Clifton

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the interest of accuracy, the inspector general of the intelligence community insists the whistleblower has both first-hand and second-hand knowledge. And the whistleblower’s account closely mirrors the White House’s own rough transcript of the July 25 phone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian president.

* * *

Conservatives accuse Democrats of carrying out a witch hunt by putting forth measures to impeach Trump. My question is: How can conservatives be so oblivious to the corruption and lies associated with Mr. Trump? There is no doubt that conservative propaganda outlets create a false reality. Meanwhile, the do-nothing Republican Party, bought and paid for by corporate America, will continue to aid this corrupt criminal.

John Vickrey, Norman, Okla.

* * *

The only reason our Glorious Leader (in his “great and unmatched wisdom”) seems suddenly interested in corruption in other countries instead of America is that he didn’t get his cut.

William Howard, McGregor

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