Coughing up furballs

The “Two Davids” have this narcissist thing pretty well figured out [“Two key failings will lead to president’s undoing,” David Gallagher and David Schleicher, Saturday]. Tweddle Dee and his brother from another mother actually think their opinion counts for anything. They are rich, educated but, most importantly, they are Democrats, striving to protect we the less endowed and less informed. Me thinks they need to look in a mirror and see two overinflated know-it-alls for what they really are: narcissists.

We spent the better part of eight years suffering under the reign of the most powerful narcissist in the world who ran roughshod over the U.S. Constitution innumerable times. Oftentimes he would deem to speak and admonish us and our values. I would have to suppress the reflex to cough up a furball. Obama was so dogged in his successful endeavor to bring America to its knees, he was clueless as to what was in the hearts and souls of Americans.

Narcissist, indeed!

Dan Dayton, West

Losing sight of Jesus

Nowhere in John Warren’s Thanksgiving column, “Religion is in fast retreat,” did he mention one of the most important and basic messages in all religion. However, Kay King-Hill’s brief letter to the editor the very same day describing the bothersome but mundane problem of abandoned shopping carts in store parking lots did. The phrase: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

If that were one of our country’s focused beliefs, honestly contemplated without internal prejudice and smartly acted on, the improvements proselytized by religion in general would be much more commonplace. Too often it seems we get lost in religiosity and forget the real intention and message espoused by Jesus.

P.S.: The quote by John Wesley in Trib contributing columnist Harry Harelik’s seasonal column on gift-giving is a perfect tie-in and reminder paralleling the above-cited “Golden Rule.”

Nancy Marquis, Waco

Safety is key concern

In her Dec. 3 letter, “Foul on the Field,” Cheryl Foster asserts that “there is no abortion-pill reversal.” I assume she refers to the University of California’s recent study on the matter. Of the 12 women who participated, three were transported to the hospital due to serious bleeding and the study was ended early because of safety concerns.

There is no proof that the use of progesterone was the cause of the bleeding those three women experienced. In fact, only one had been given the progesterone and it was already a well-known fact that the abortion pills can cause such bleeding and lead to infection.

Also, of the six other women in whom a fetal heartbeat was detected after taking the first abortion pill, four had taken the progesterone. Statistically, the results would suggest that the reversal method was effective.

All in all, the results of the study serve only to highlight the medical risks already associated with chemical abortion, not to suggest that the reversal procedure should be discouraged.

Elizabeth Kirby, Waco

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