No family separations

I must comment on the one-sided article, “Resident’s census test asks about citizenship,” by your newspaper [July 21]. Local attorney Alan Nelson is obviously a liberal spouting the usual nonsense about illegal aliens who have broken our laws and laughed at our sovereignty. He wants to use the term “undocumented immigrant,” which is laughable and typical of the left these days. The immigrant and the alien are two very different types of foreigner. But what really got me steamed was the out-and-out lie he spouted for this article:

“Nelson said the survey in conjunction with the current political climate, as families are being separated at the U.S.-Mexico border, children are caged and President Donald Trump directs harsh rhetoric toward minorities, refugees and people who are not U.S. citizens, creates a heightened sense of fear among minority communities.”

Why don’t you ask Mr. Nelson to go down to the border and prove families are being separated and kids are being caged? Hell no, he won’t go because he knows it’s a lie perpetrated to make the current president look bad.

It’s high time that we have an administration that wants to back our laws concerning border crossings and illegal aliens. I’m so tired of paying the way for these illegals with my taxes. It would certainly be nice if a conservative got some time in that article. Come on, Trib!

Ron L. Hooper, Saginaw

Freedom and farce

A Trib news story of July 24 reports on citizen and parental concern about a summer “educational” program for preteens sponsored locally by Transformation Waco, Prosper Waco, Waco ISD and Baylor University. The misnamed “Freedom Schools” came under fire at the Transformation Waco board meeting because of a staged anti-gun demonstration and highly biased and inappropriate videos and books used without parental consent.

Transformation Waco CEO Robin McDurham is quoted as saying the program “seeks to help children find their voice.” An examination of the limited program information released shows the real goal is to nudge children into adopting the voice of the secular left organizations Children’s Defense Fund and Southern Poverty Law Center. These groups funded and provided curriculum materials. Let’s hope we can begin a new decade without “Freedom Schools” in our hometown.

John Pisciotta, Waco

Clowns to the right

In response to Russell L. Brown’s July 24 letter, he must have received the same drivel I did from the Faith & Freedom Coalition — basically, a propaganda poll, evidently written by the two shills on the Fox News network, Tucker Carlson and the other clown whose name my old feeble brain doesn’t recall. I offer a retort for Mr. Brown, who wrote that the current clown in the White House has done more than any other president: The only thing he excels in is lying. It would be nice if one of our senators or our congressman grew a pair and told him to sit down, shut up and let the grown-ups do the hard work!

Randy Raper, Waco

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