EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s a last batch of campaign letters to the editor as Election Day dawns after nearly 600 days of presidential campaigning. If you haven’t joined 55,424 of our county’s 136,036 voters in already voting, today’s your final chance. May the best candidate win.

Clinton is deplorable

Divisive Hillary Clinton meant it in September when she labeled Donald Trump supporters, including defenders of pre-born lives, a “basket of deplorables.” She called these citizens so far out of the American mainstream that we are “beyond redemption.” On Nov. 2, she doubled down with her disdain, calling opponents of more than 1 million abortions each year “negative, dark and divisive with a dangerous vision.”

For pro-lifers who are Catholic, the vitriol elevates several notches. A WikiLeaks email chain involving her campaign chairman John Podesta, along with John Halpin and Jennifer Palmieri of the Center for American Progress, claims Catholics like me are “backward” and follow a “bastardized religion.” The bigotry continues with mocking Catholics in the media for raising their children Catholic. Clinton refuses to disown Catholiphobia within her inner circle.

Clinton makes it clear that she would take on the pro-life movement with all the firepower she can muster. We are one of the last and strongest roadblocks to her progressive transformation of America.

If the Trump resurgence falls short, this pro-life Catholic intends to fight back against attacks and subversion from the corrupt and far-flung Clinton confederacy.

John Pisciotta, Pro-Life Waco, director

Fight GOP extremism

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence has been campaigning with a stump speech asking Republican voters to “come home” and support their party standard-bearer. Yet Donald Trump has so offended Republicans that the destination he offers is not what these voters call “home” anymore.

Texas conservative Democrats helped make this state a great place to live and work for 100 years by paying their way and supporting progress like highways and public schools, but then many felt the need to join Republicans in the 1980s Reagan Revolution. Yet today’s Republicans can no longer claim the Reagan mantle: They have fallen into an anti-government mode and insist no tax is a good tax philosophy, even as this stops them from securing the greater good for their state or nation.

Pro-business, fiscally responsible Texans should return to their roots in the conservative wing of the Democratic Party. It will strengthen Texas when rural and suburban voters have an actual choice on Election Day instead of being forced to vote for extreme tea-party or alt-right candidates because these are who now win Republican election primaries.

So unashamedly let me throw open the door of the Democratic Party to those who remember what bipartisan actually means — for people who don’t want to be divided into camps of hatred and discrimination, who remember what my World War II veteran father taught me — “Your rights stop where your neighbor’s nose begins” — and who want to be proud that our government can work for the good of all the people.

Allan Griffin, Humble

A third way on Election Day

For those who have waited till Election Day to vote and are still struggling between the lesser of two evils for president, please take a moment and consider the Gary Johnson/Bill Weld Libertarian ticket. Fiscally conservative and socially inclusive, Johnson and Weld were both two-term Republican governors of the highly Democratic states of New Mexico and Massachusetts, respectively. Johnson improved his state’s roads and schools without raising taxes and left the state in much better fiscal shape than he found it. As a college entrepreneur, he grew his construction business from doing odd jobs himself to one of the largest construction companies in New Mexico, employing over 1,000 people. He did it by doing what he promised, on time and on budget.

In short, he is an honest and respectful man who keeps his word, is highly qualified to be president and looks for sensible solutions to the problems at hand. A journalist who was interviewing Johnson a few months ago said he went looking for scandals on him and there absolutely aren’t any. Johnson’s few negatives pale in comparison, both in size and number, to both Clinton and Trump. He has been endorsed by nine newspapers to date, compared to none of consequence for Trump.

If you, like me, believe our president must be qualified, honorable and respectable above all else, Gary Johnson is a candidate you can vote for, not against.

Lisa Dragoo, Robinson

Advice from on high

Let’s see, where do I begin? I must admit that with all the corruption in our government, especially over the past eight years with the current administration and ad infinitum with the Clintons, it is difficult to assign a starting point. Trust and faith in our system of government are being progressively destroyed by our so-called progressive party. However, accountability and responsibility are shared by both Democrats and Republicans alike. After all, in many cases, if a politician did not lie, he or she would not have anything to say.

We as Americans better wake up soon as we are in the process of losing our constitutionally based government and our Judeo-Christian heritage. I realize that, as a Christian, I am one of the deplorable ones according to the Clintons, but I am thankful and grateful to stand in my shoes for my Christian faith. God’s book of psychology is the book of Proverbs and it states in Proverbs 22:8: “The one who sows injustice will reap disaster, the rod of his fury will be destroyed.”

One more warning from God’s word before I sign off is Galatians 6:7-10: “Don’t be deceived, God is not mocked. For whatever a man sows, he will also reap because the one who sows to the flesh will reap corruption from the flesh, but the one who sows to the Spirit will reap eternal life from the Spirit. So, we must not get tired from doing good, for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up.” Giving up requires little effort.

My prayer is that as a nation we do not give up. There is still time to right the ship but it is getting late.

Weldon Kunkel, MD, Woodway

Meanwhile, in the trenches

I simply would like to make two comments about this election season:

First, I have served as a poll watcher for the first time on several different days and will do so today. I would have loved to have seen the various campaigns demonstrate the respect for each voter and for their right to vote that I have seen in two polling places.

Second, I just received a letter asking for my vote to ensure the dominance of conservative values. My reply:

“I did vote, and am serving as a poll watcher, and I voted for the person who I think does represent and respect the conservative values of:

• Equal opportunity.

• Fiscal responsibility (which means our paying for what we decide to spend).

• Respect for the traditions of others, religious freedom (meaning protection of everyone’s right to his or her own faith).

• Corporate responsibility to society and their employees.

• Free enterprise without the coddling and rules-bending for the wealthy and powerful.

• Taking care of our veterans.

• Respecting the Second Amendment but also careful licensing and regulation to enhance responsible use.

• Honesty and truthfulness.

• The willingness to compromise.

• Taking care of one’s neighbor and community.

• Respect for American tradition and history.

“Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, I see very few of those values embodied in most Republican candidates and none of them in Donald Trump. The concept of ‘conservative’ has become so muddied and stained that I hope the Republican Party takes a good long look at how it has strayed from those ideals and comes back to a principled center. We need that perspective in the national debate, but not one that has sold its conservative soul for the sake of political power, defined mostly by what it is against rather than what it is for. The irony is that the Republican Party rails against a sense of entitlement, yet acts as if its own proponents and leaders are entitled to power and privilege — and acts shocked when others disagree.”

Bill Gaventa, Woodway

Constitutional threat

As an American citizen, I am embarrassed by the recent information that has surfaced regarding Ms. Clinton’s actions as secretary of state, her obvious connection with the Clinton Foundation while holding that office and her activities as candidate Clinton. Each of these reports seems to be mostly true and poses a real threat to the safety and security of this country.

It’s obvious she does not share the importance of the nation’s security as the rest of us do. I for one believe that she has already endangered our country and its ability to perform the basic function designed for it in the Constitution: protecting us from our enemies, whoever they might be. In my opinion, her activities seem to disregard all the basic laws and restrictions placed on each of us as citizens. Regardless of her promises to the voters, she must be subject to the rule of law and held accountable for her actions.

The nature and qualities of the other candidates are important, but Hillary Clinton represents the side of politics that most of us should want to get rid of because she has threatened our very fundamental protections of the Constitution and the way we have chosen to govern ourselves. If she has already done this, what will she do if given the opportunity “to do what she pleases” when elected president.

Sidney Pitts, McGregor

Learn the Constitution!

Regarding Fred Khoury’s Nov. 4 letter regarding Hillary Clinton’s threat to the Second Amendment: Apparently he does not know how the U.S. Constitution works. It takes two-thirds of Congress and two-thirds of the states to repeal the Second Amendment, neither of which either party could come up with.

They can’t even agree how to run their own parties, let alone repeal any constitutional amendment.

Steve Williams, Waco

Don’t trust the Bushes

Yes, I am a Republican. I campaigned for George W. Bush in Michigan. Now I am furious at most of the Bushes for their hypocrisy, which was on display during this election. Jeb Bush has already shown he will not keep his word [to endorse the party’s nominee]. Now he’s going to give a course at Texas A&M University.

How can you believe anything the Bushes say?

Virginia Young, Woodway

Religious Right hypocrisy

Under the Obama administration, we have had record job growth, the unemployment rate is down to 4 percent and President Obama ended a senseless war in Iraq. Obamacare is by no means perfect, thanks to Big Insurance, but millions more now have health insurance. So tell me again, Fred Khoury [Letters, Nov. 4], how Obama’s policies are destructive?

Of course, if your primary source of information is Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, then no wonder you think this way. By the way, Hillary is not perfect, but there has never been enough evidence to convict her of any crime. She is not my first choice, but the alternative is completely unacceptable.

I am still not sure how a person who brags about sexually assaulting women, lies 80 percent of the time and is an out-and-out racist could ever be considered for president. But that only shows the hypocrisy and real moral constitution of our Religious Right. Perhaps many in the Religious Right like Trump because he is just like them.

John Vickrey, Norman, Oklahoma

Let’s bump off Paul Ryan?

So now Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan is in danger of losing his spot in the Republican Party? Let me get this straight: Paul Ryan will not compromise his principles to support a nasty, pompous, irrational man who is clearly unqualified to be president — and so he is reprimanded for it? Really?

It seems to me that Republicans, in a state of panic, are turning against their own because they are afraid or ashamed to admit the truth — that they were unable to keep a lunatic from gaining their party’s nomination, so now they just have to go with him. The fact that Paul Ryan values what’s best for our country above what’s best for his own career shows his level of integrity and patriotism. He should be commended.

Paul Ryan is exactly the kind of man (and the only one who comes to mind) who has the insight, intelligence and moral decency to lead America in such a way as to ever “make [it] great again!”

Carolyn Griffin, Lorena

Human paradox

The greatness of humanity is the paradox that life is both complete and advancing at the same time. Societies remain great and just only so long as the elements of completion and advancement remain connected. Some examples: equality and freedom; justice and liberty; fraternity and liberty; community and duty; majesty and duty.

No matter what happens today, the textbooks of revolution are about to be updated.

Mike Mallick, Waco