And sin no more

It has been reported that a church in Waco is accepting people who are gay or lesbian and is OK if they don’t ask for forgiveness [“2nd Waco church splits from Texas Baptist group over LGBTQ acceptance” June 8]. A real church should accept anyone, as Jesus told the woman at the well to get up and sin no more. He didn’t say, “You are OK with how you are living, you don’t have to change.”

Any church accepting anyone should be like Jesus: A person in sin cannot continue in that sin and be a follower of Christ. A church that is not built on the foundation of God’s word ceases to be a place that God will be in tune with.

If a church allows one sin to go unrepented, what would stop adulterers, liars and thieves from becoming members? These are sins also. I hear some say if same-sex marriage was a sin, why wasn’t it mentioned in the Ten Commandments? The sin of people of the same sex being together is spoken against in both the Old and New Testaments. But it is first mentioned in Genesis: God created Adam and then formed Eve from him. Then God told them to be fruitful and multiply so His plan could continue.

There is no doubt God meant it to be this way: men and women together. He made their bodies in a way it could happen. This may be the 21st century, but that hasn’t changed.

Jerry Willett, Lorena

* * *

Unity Spiritual Center of Waco applauds University Baptist Church for its bold decision to marry same-sex couples. We recognize this resolution was made prayerfully and not taken lightly. While no doubt a difficult decision to withdraw from the Baptist General Convention of Texas, it is commendable that the UBC clergy and congregants were willing to stand by their apparent conviction that each person has the right to love and marry the person right for them. This has also been a long-held belief of Unity Worldwide Ministries. God bless UBC for their valiant display of courage and inclusivity.

Rev. Margo J. Ford, Hewitt


I find it hard to see how an apartment complex with rent costing $1,300 a month would be beneficial to the people of East Waco [“Ground broken for high-profile apartment complex on Elm Avenue,” June 5]. Yes, there will be two apartments that will be half the usual rent and some people from East Waco will be helping with a mural. But I find it hard to understand why City Councilwoman Andrea Barefield would support this venture when we already have a major shortage of affordable housing in Waco.

It’s not hard to see that the city is red-tagging the older homes in South Waco near Magnolia Market at the Silos and investors are buying them up like crazy to flip them to make them into Airbnb investment opportunities. Call it what it is: gentrification, and I fear the same thing will happen in East Waco.

Melissa Johnson, Waco

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