God & country

The letters in the July 24 Tribune-Herald from Russell L. Brown and Dan Dayton most assuredly spoke to me, but perhaps not in the way intended. Using a quote from 2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV), Mr. Brown urges God to take total control of the upcoming election to reelect our president, as he “has done a lot more than any other president.” This is quite true: more hatred of non-white people, more vulgarity, more sexism, and the list goes on and on. So if he is reelected, we may not be doomed but we will certainly continue in a downward spiral to who-knows-where.

As to Mr. Dayton’s message of immigrants, conclaves and flags, I can say only this: We have many conclaves of Americans who proudly display the Confederate battle flag, sometimes flying above the flag of the United States of America. In Boston, Southie in particular, the Irish flag is common. In New York City pubs, the Italian flag dominates in certain areas. I think the intended message, though, was referring to “conclaves” which display the Cuban flag (Florida?), Puerto Rico flag (New York?) or Mexican flag (Texas?).

If Dayton’s friend, a likely white Frenchman, is seeking a better life in America because of disarray in France, just imagine the disarray in Central America from which people are now fleeing in hopes of a better life in America.

Herb Brenner, Woodway

Pressing for the moon

Greatly enjoyed the Trib’s July 21 historical recap by opinion editor Bill Whitaker (“Does America still have the right stuff 50 years after Armstrong walked the moon?”) describing moon-landing events of a half-century ago.

So many emotions and memories came to mind. I have saved front pages and magazine covers of various historical events throughout my adult years. Thus when I read how the front-page printing plates from the historic 1969 issue of the Waco News-Tribune were destroyed without regard for their future historical value, I was dismayed.

I recognize the supervisor back then “was just doing his job.” However, I am glad he was never a supervisor for any museum or even part of the NASA program. Not everything is valued merely by cost. Vision counts, too.

Nancy Marquis, Waco

A hand for the Fourth

On the Fourth of July, after parking my 2011 Buick at the dead-end of Herwol Avenue, my 94-year-old hands removed a lightweight chair from the back seat and I started walking toward the Castle Heights circle to see the parade. From a decorated and people-filled lawn, a man emerged and said, “My friends said I should carry your chair for you.” This he did till the circle was in view.

At the circle a young lady helped me position the chair in a safe and shaded area. It was such a joy to watch all the happy people in their red, white and blue. When leaving, yet another woman kindly braced me to get me down the street safely. And again a young man offered to carry my chair to the car.

Now I think of the Castle Heights people as the caring Castle Heights people because of their many good deeds.

Florence Carlson, Waco

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