Divided we fall

Even at my advanced age I am not adverse to change, but some is more difficult to accept. Perhaps the United Methodist Church (which seems to be a large and wealthy organization) should never have adopted the word “united.”

The United States of America has not always been “united.” It is difficult for a large number of people to unite under any one idea and never change their opinion, much less change their basic beliefs. Lincoln and others have said, “United we stand, divided we fall.” I sincerely hope this is not the fate of the Methodist church.

In my opinion, the sad thing about the split in the United Methodist Church involves the number of small Methodist churches, some in little country towns where church membership is more than just like-minded folks meeting to worship God. Besides each church family cherishing those Christian beliefs which hold them together, the church is often an important part of the community. The local church is frequently part of the social make-up of a town.

It is always sad when a church “splits” over different beliefs because Christian churches are founded in one basic belief and that basic belief doesn’t ever change.

Granted, we can’t always live in a “Little House on the Prairie” world... and who would want to? We just want a place to worship God with others who believe as we do. May God help us if we ever lose that freedom.

Rosemary Owen, Hewitt

Rats on the run!

I forced myself to read the Sunday ramblings of the Tribune-Herald’s Twin Towers of Trivia, the noxious Brothers David. For their column, “Daring Trumpian predictions of 2020,” these poor guys had to dig through their near-empty Democrat Bag O’ Tricks clear back to 2008 to fill their vacuous offering. Hmm, even made a reference to the unvetted Nigerian. SAD!

All one has to do is look for key words to decipher the intent of these two badly misguided drones.

Supreme Court: Two references made, both baseless — first, Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation amidst the blatant attempt at character assassination by the Democratic National Committee; second, the incessant whining that the Supreme Court has been “loaded” with constitutional adherents ... like this is a bad thing!

Revenge: Revenge is mentioned in the Gallagher & Schleicher column. Why am I not surprised after the nearly four years of swill thrown at our duly elected, standing president that the Dems and their mindless minions might have cause to worry? Hmm!

No, the correct word is not revenge, it is justice. My dad said, “What goes around, comes around!”

This Democrat “Deep State” duo constitute students of the Constitution — not for any purposes of improving this nation but seeking ways to circumvent it.

Looks like the harbinger of justice has the rats on the run!

Dan Dayton, West

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