Showing respect

We enjoy reading high school football stories by Trib sportswriter Krista Pirtle, including her story about the Midway Panthers’ heart-stopping game last Saturday against Klein Oak at Kyle Field in College Station. Midway won 28-27 but was 24 points behind at halftime! I wish I had been in the locker room when Coach Hulme gave that halftime pep talk to his players. His speech must have ranked right up there with one by Lou Holtz!

Midway’s final offensive stats showed they outplayed Klein Oak and ultimately deserved to win. Their victory is indicative of superior coaching, a furious second-half effort and the team’s unflinching perseverance — not just good luck! Krista’s story mentioned how Coach Hulme “lifted his fist into the air” just before time ran out in the fourth quarter, signifying his joy and his team’s amazing comeback.

Some spectators have noticed that Midway players don’t surround their opponents’ injured player and “take a knee” as he is lying on the field, a gesture signifying concern and respect for the injured player. I assume it’s because some link that gesture to the “Star-Spangled Banner” protests started by NFL player Colin Kaepernick.

I don’t think high school players should participate in stadium protests. Not all taxpayers will agree with them and, after all, the school’s athletic program and facilities are paid for with taxpayers’ funds. Some players have been kicked off their high school teams for their Kaepernick-style protests during the national anthem. Or maybe some coaches want their players to keep moving during the injury timeout to stay limber before play resumes.

So here’s a compromise suggestion: Midway players on the sideline can quietly stand side-by-side with their hands and fingers laced together behind their necks in a sort of respectful wait-and-see posture while the injured player on the field is attended to. Then when the opposing player limps off the field or (God forbid) is carried off, Midway players can applaud along with the parents and other spectators in the bleachers behind them. This should demonstrate the Midway Panthers’ good sportsmanship and sincere concern and respect for the injured opponent. And no one should misunderstand or be offended.

Midway’s football team will face a formidable Allen High School team at McLane Stadium at 2 p.m. Saturday. Go Midway Panthers!

Mike Miller, Hewitt

Hide your women

Same ol’ Waco. What’s next? Is Art Briles coming back to Baylor University? Are the other rapists coming back to Waco to work at the local high school? What the hell was Assistant DA Hilary LaBorde thinking, giving a convicted rapist, a frat boy president, a plea deal of probation? The offender does not even have to register as a sex offender, so no female near him will be safe. If we wanted this kind of justice, we would live in Russia or North Korea. Disgusting.

Fred Gregory, Arlington