We’re to blame

In light of everything swirling around Hewitt involving its city council and the various claims and counter-claims, I did some critical thinking and I didn’t like the result. With more than a decade of service at multiple municipal water and wastewater utilities, I’m trained to be apprehensive about putting my name and thoughts together for public consumption. That said, I have felt a need to say what I think so many people need to hear.

In the July 2 council meeting, Mayor Pro Tem Steve Fortenberry chastised Mayor Ed Passalugo and then-Councilman Kurt Krakowian, saying they didn’t represent the council or the city by their actions. I disagree with Mr. Fortenberry. The central truth of our republic is that our council is formed of citizens who have stood up, faced election and who are presented to the council as our representation. In that light, I understand that the attention in the press isn’t about the mayor, a councilman, the council or even the city.

No, it’s about me: a citizen who has allowed our leadership to continue on with ballot propositions we rejected. A citizen who allows a potentially nepotistic relationship (in spirit if not by the letter) in the highest echelons of city government without vigorous oversight. A citizen who has allowed countless election cycles to go by without appreciable challenge to the leadership of the city. To be clear: they didn’t create this mess: We created it.

The buck must stop with “We the People” — and so long as nothing changes, only the names will change.

Matthew Mevis, Hewitt

Dangerous intersection

I and many others who travel Lake Air Drive daily toward North Waco would like for the City of Waco to install a traffic light at the T-formed intersection of Lake Air and Hillcrest drives. Traffic on Lake Air often stretches back down Lake Air a block or two while waiting on a single car traversing either direction on Hillcrest, traffic that never stops unless turning onto Lake Air. This makes for wasted time, spent gasoline and danger for many as some motorists race to beat the next vehicle headed their way on Hillcrest, just to turn.

Lights have been installed on many streets around our city where the traffic is less heavy and less congested; why not at the Lake Air/Hillcrest location? In the years that I have driven from home to work and back, I have seen the occasional accident and many near-misses as people driving those streets race to try to beat the next car. A traffic light would solve the problem and make all safer in their travels while saving time, fuel, frayed nerves and injury.

Ray Emerson, D.V.M., Waco

Kill another dog

Solution to overcrowding at our no-kill animal shelter: Change the mission. Every time Planned Parenthood kills a baby, the no-kill animal shelter kills a pet.

Mary Tanner, Waco