Campaign 2020 dustup

It’s kind of funny listening to the Democrats running for president in 2020 pretending to be Santa Claus and giving every empty promise so that they can steal your vote. For example, when they say millions of unvetted foreign aliens will be able to enter the country and get your Medicare, Social Security, education, sanctuary and American jobs. Then in the next breath they promise all Americans will have higher-paying careers and better health care.

Well, we know they’re full of it. Since 1980 wages have not risen — and that was when millions of aliens were allowed to just come right in. Smelling the usual B.S., Big Labor has warned Dem presidential contenders against taking union support for granted, adding that Dems would need to be more honest. In a letter to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Big Labor says the Green New Deal scam could cause “immediate harm” to union workers.

I assume any person with a normally functioning brain realizes that Dems propose taking away cars, planes, reliable energy, steel buildings, free markets and flatulating cows — and that this will result in a much lower standard of living and a much higher mortality rate, just like 100 years ago.

Most people realize that leftists are clearly demented and are constantly lying. Dems’ one hope: having no ID requirement to vote and allowing prisoners, minors and more illegal aliens to vote.

I perceive President Trump will easily be re-elected president.

Eric Mach, Denton

* * *

Wow! I read the Sunday letter to the editor “Democrats and the Deep State” and realized the Trumpets must really be desperate. I guess they will be coming out of their holes now that our 4F fraud of a president and commander in chief of 12,000 lies and false promises made it clear he will run for president on conspiracy theories like the asinine one about families, women and children invading our country. The letter simply can’t be believed, analyzed or responded to because it is made up mostly of Republican propaganda, misinformation, vague accusations, lies and garble.

I value our free press and media so very much that the following needs to be called out as the sound of “goose-stepping” getting louder and closer to a constitutional crisis: that our Waco Trib is hiding the truth and printing what their masters want “... almost daily in our newspaper here with the opinion editor and his band of local contributors, all centered on Trump hate.” That lie won’t quite work because Jennifer Rubin and George Will (my favorite conservative writers) are regularly featured here as well.

And the following statement comes across as pathological: “It’s not inconceivable the Democrats will be able to manufacture charges against Republicans and deprive them of their Second Amendment rights on the basis that Republicans are crazy to criticize Democrats.” Is this supposed to be a deep-state conspiracy?

Please go back underground and let us independents live by speaking truth to power.

Mike O’Bric, Woodway

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