Revoking Roe v. Wade

“Would overturning abortion rights turn back the clock?” That was the title of the “news” article in the Waco Trib on May 27. The article originated from the reliably pro-choice Associated Press. This commentary on the possible reversal of Roe v. Wade was pro-choice on steroids.

The nearly full-page article recounts abortion industry achievements in the post-Roe era “providing safer, easier options for abortion.” These include the morning-after pill without a prescription, RU-486 chemical abortion and surgical abortions using high-powered suction rather than scraping.

The Associated Press article links the anti-abortion movement to violence. The supporters of a million deaths inflicted on pre-born babies each year are seen as advocates of compassion and justice.

The single nod to the opponents of Roe was that ultrasound advances have “opened a window on the womb” and more broadly revealed the humanity of life before birth. How could AP fail to mention the phenomenal growth of pregnancy care outreach with facilities now outnumbering abortion centers 3 to 1. Our community is fortunate to have CareNet Pregnancy Center of Central Texas, a national standout in pregnancy care outreach.

As an anti-abortion activist, I expect the revocation of Roe v. Wade to reduce abortion deaths and the number of women enduring long-term suffering from abortions. Without Roe, many states including Texas would curtail abortion. Other states, such as New York, Virginia and Illinois, will expand abortion access and even crack the door open for infanticide in cases of live births during attempted abortion.

Another impact of an America without Roe is a decline in political warfare at the national level. National politics has been infused with a poisonous vitriol over abortion since 1973. Because of Roe, our federal court nomination process is overwhelmingly focused on Roe support or opposition. Likewise, abortion is front and center in national election politics because of the federalization of abortion with Roe. The reversal of Roe will take the edge off our national division by returning the contentious issue of abortion to the states.

John Pisciotta, Director, Pro-Life Waco

Brothers David strike!

The brothers Gallagher & Schleicher write yet another article from the Left Fringe of Humanity. As they inform us in their Sunday column, “Let’s get serious and lay down biblical law across America” — which proceeds from attacking recent abortion laws to proposing biblical law taking us back some 3,000 years — neither of them possesses a uterus but both claim to know their way around the Bible.

Out of the mouths of these two, the truth emerges at long last. No one knows the Holy Bible better than Satan and his willing followers.

Dan Dayton, West

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