Roe rebuttal

The very long pro-life letter of June 4 [“Revoking Roe v. Wade,” Pro-Life Waco director John Pisciotta] leaves out a number of facts. If the path to safe abortions is blocked, only women of means will be able to have one. Women of low income who have no vehicle or cannot take off work for several days to drive to some place offering safe abortions are out of luck. People who have no idea what life is like for many women are destroying a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body.

Revocation of Roe v. Wade will not reduce abortions. Those who want Roe v. Wade overturned have the skewed notion that abolishing abortion is the answer. It’s not. As a supporter of Planned Parenthood, I shudder to think of how many women will be butchered by back-room abortions because the people responsible for those types of abortions are now gleeful at the thought of how much money they will make. It happened before Roe v. Wade and it will happen again. If Roe v. Wade is reversed or states make abortions impossible, more women will die from complications as opposed to women who receive the procedure from reputable health-care professionals.

The letter also failed to mention what happens to unwanted children, but then the author’s interest seemed limited to pregnant women. The fact is women who are unable to provide for their children receive services such as welfare, food stamps and low-income housing. The pro-life lobby seems to forget about this, including the vehemence and contempt so many Americans regularly voice for the poor in our country. As a licensed social worker for 36 years, I’ve seen what happens to unwanted children and people who must depend on the government to simply exist. It’s an ugly picture.

Maybe the author of the letter has missed the great crowds of people demanding the right to make decisions about their bodies. So the argument made in the letter of June 4 is one of colossal bias with no thought of walking in someone else’s shoes.

As for Dan Dayton’s more concise letter of June 4, I can say he is correct in that men do not have a uterus. My thought: If you do not possess a uterus, you have no right to govern a woman’s body. The rest of Mr. Dayton’s letter is gibberish invoking the name of Satan. How ridiculous.

Donna M. Myers

God knows enemies

I write in response to Hal Ritter’s comments of June 9 concerning Rev. Franklin Graham’s asking for prayers for God to help President Trump prevail against his enemies. My question to Mr. Ritter: Should we as citizens of this country want our leaders to have God’s guidance to make wise choices?

God knows who our enemies are and He knows the best way. We are told in I Timothy 2:1-2 to pray for all people, for kings and those in authority. In today’s world that obviously includes presidents and governing officials. I for one choose to pray.

Carol Weschke, Valley Mills