Till Friday evening’s presidential tweet announcing otherwise, President Trump all week had threatened to impose 5 percent tariffs on all goods from Mexico come Monday had Mexico not promised to take action to slow the number of immigrants at our border. Despite Republican objections, he vowed to continue to escalate these levies to 25 percent; Mexico in turn had threatened to retaliate; and the Senate had announced it would stop Trump with enough votes to override a veto.

One hundred years ago, Congress approved the 19th Amendment, which prohibited the denial or limitation of voting rights “on account of sex.” The agonizing, 14-month struggle by suffragists to get three-quarters of the states to ratify the amendment, especially its dramatic culmination in the Tennessee statehouse, has garnered much attention. Yet it may come as a surprise that Texas, a state that has become notorious nationwide for passing some of the most restrictive voting legislation, ratified the amendment in just 14 days.