The surprise news that Baylor University Title IX Coordinator Patty Crawford was resigning this week because of what she termed resistance by certain administrators to her efforts to bolster Title IX policy on campus sparked debate among our readers via Facebook. Excerpts of the most telling comments:

Pam Colon: Sounds like she wants her 15 minutes of fame and book and movie rights. She lost any credibility right there!

Amanda Wiedman Regian: This lady has been one of the only people who seems to have wanted to do right by these young ladies [assault victims]. To say she’s only interested in her 15 minutes of fame or looking for big bucks is absurd. To begin with, why would Baylor even offer such an insane amount of money if they didn’t think she had something to expose? Second, why are they speaking out about ongoing mediation? Is that not a violation of Texas law? Finally, if what she’s doing — speaking out — gets exposure for the victims, her job is well done!

Jayni Flaherty Sykora: Only problem, it was exposed that her dispute in settling [with Baylor] included a battle for rights to a book and movie. Until everyone at Baylor admits they all had a part in this, they remain on the hamster wheel.

Shannon Lamb: Book and movie rights? Come on! Let’s show the victims some respect and stop trying to turn their ordeal into someone else’s payday.

Carlos Cosme Sr.: Maybe Baylor administration needs to be exposed already.

Mark Holl: Just watched it [on “CBS Good Morning”] and it was very good. “CBS Sports 60 Minutes” is doing a show about it. It’ll be on Showtime.

Patricia Gorton: What I don’t understand is why other colleges aren’t going through this problem. There is always hormones and parties!

Wendy L. Pethtel: They are, but the Baylor scandal broke first, so they will be the head on the pike.

Hadassa Perez Rico: Hormones and parties doesn’t equal rape.

Paul Gaines: Seems like a big loss. She was part of the healing but maybe somebody thought she was part of the problem in implementation. The next hire for that office will be one of the most important in the history of Baylor.

Austin Hime: “Part of the healing”? She wants movie and book rights. Looks like she wants to profit on rape.

Jennie Funderburk Mayes: The Board of Regents are the real problem here. My guess is that she was never really allowed to do her job. The BOR have proven untrustworthy in many situations at Baylor, including events with the Baylor Alumni Association. They are going to be the ones who run Baylor into the ground. I hope Ms. Crawford will speak the truth. We need someone willing to.

Sharon Arney: Then you probably need to re-read the Trib story. Crawford was negotiating for at least $2 million in exchange for her resignation, plus book and movie rights. Wealth and fame are that woman’s motivations.

Gene Heatly: Is anyone in charge?