Actor Jeff Bridges’ patterning his performance as an aging Texas lawman after McLennan County Sheriff and former deputy U.S. Marshal Parnell McNamara made the latter-day Western “Hell or High Water” something special in its Waco screening. Screenwriter Taylor Sheridan based the character on McNamara, his cousin. We decided to check out the film’s Facebook page to see what others were saying about this picture.

Jamie Panzer: I enjoyed watching it but more on a superficial level. It’s Cormac McCarthy lite. The back story and its implications were a little weak. Even if it is the best movie of the summer, that’s more indicative of the poor quality the industry is churning out. But I do endorse seeing it.

Art Hernandez: It’s a good to pretty good movie, Jeff Bridges did an excellent job, and it was truly awesome to see “Gunsmoke’s” Buck Taylor on the big screen once again.

David Wallace: Best thing out of Hollywood in a while. That is not saying much. But it is a very good movie, and Jeff Bridges is excellent.

Mark T. Marez: Saw it, love it, if just for the scene in the steak house with the crusty old waitress!

David Kramer: You’ve been hyping this movie for a couple of weeks, but it’s not in Maine at any theater within 50 miles of us in the midcoast.

Judith Jenofsky-Gittelman: I thought it was a nice movie but had a problem understanding the Deep Southern accent, and I think they spoke too fast. Music was good.

Jeannie Frank: Finally, a movie without superheroes! I enjoyed it very much.

Andrew Lee: I saw it. It was a great movie. Damn, does everyone in Texas carry a gun?

Ida Mora: Jeff Bridges is the main star of this low-budget film. Nice panoramic scenes, though, of Texas plains. I give it one thumb up or 7 out of 10.

Terry L Coe: Great movie. I really understand the Trump phenomenon better.

Ron Schreiner: OK, I would not see it again. Jeff Bridges does a scruffy old guy very well, no matter what the plot.

Sarah DeCicco Murray: The point was the American West is being lost to big banks foreclosing on working people’s homes, just like the Native Americans once lost their land to the white man’s invasion.

Joe Dirnfeld: Frankly, I did not care for it. Pointless and meaningless.

Butch Glass: New York . . . well, there you go. Surprised at your view!

George Dewayne Feezor: Saw it and liked it a lot! Mostly filmed in New Mexico. Go see it. Bridges is great!

David McCollum: It depicts small West Texas towns pretty good. Was a good flick and, like “No Country for Old Men,” both movies are worth seeing about small-town Texas.

Tony Booth: Jeff Bridges is excellent! For an old Texan transplanted in Virginia, the scenes of West Texas brought back great memories.

David McCollum: Filmed in New Mexico but does look like West Texas.

Ida Mora: New Mexico, Texas it’s all the same: “desolate”. . .