U.S. Sen. John Cornyn’s bill to prevent anyone listed on an FBI terrorist watch list from procuring a weapon for three days till a judge can determine the merit of the matter prompted plenty of feedback on the senator’s Facebook page, with the senator engaging many of his constituents. The bill failed Monday evening.

Patsy Painter Hull: If someone is put on the suspected terrorist list by mistake, what’s the worst that could happen? They have to wait to get a gun a few days or longer. It’s a small price to pay to save lives.

Dan Hamilton: How much different will this legislation be from the 2004 assault weapons ban?

John Cornyn: Dan, the proposals being considered this week do not ban sale of firearms.

Sandra Harrison: You are failing your constituents! Keep automatic weapons away from people who are under surveillance! People did see something [in Orlando] and say something. Authorities failed to act.

John Cornyn: The government should not be able to strip your constitutional rights based on suspicion. My proposal would guarantee due process.

Kevin Neal: Due process? We are supposed to have faith in government competence?

Ramanuja Chari Kannan: Semi-automatic rifles are not intended for public use. If the mass killings are not enough for you to take action and pass sensible gun-control laws now, then you, sir, do not represent the people but the NRA. Please remember that the responsibility of making laws is given to Congress and not to the NRA. How many more lives are you willing to lose before you get assault rifles out of the hands of civilians and leave them as weapons of war for our well-regulated militia, called the United States Armed Forces?

Rebecca Clayton: I support you in trying to protect those innocent on the no-fly list/terrorist list. I want you to support expanding background checks on gun purchases and renew the lapsed ban on assault weapons.

Jake Beckham: The “assault-weapons ban” did nothing to cut down on crime or shootings. Rifles are seldom used in crimes. Expanded background checks don’t work. The Orlando shooter had gone through every background check there is in order to become an armed security guard at our government facilities — and look where he ended up.

S.D. Wheeler: Define “expanded background checks” for us, Rebecca. Tell us what more they entail than the National Instant Criminal Background Check System we have currently that works quite well. Or are you just echoing the idiotic talking points of the gun-grabbing Democrats?

Rebecca Clayton: S.D., the NICS background check did not stop the Charleston church shooting. Nor did it prevent the Virginia Tech shooting. Not all records are submitted in a timely manner and some are years behind from some states.

Jerel Heritage: I don’t think anyone would argue with keeping firearms out of the hands of terrorists, but there still must be due process in the process. Reinstate law-enforcement training on Islamic fascism and jihadism.