Lots of folks chimed in on our Facebook page in reaction to Trib staff writer Mike Copeland’s story on a shotgun house on South Seventh Street extensively remodeled by Chip and Joanna Gaines for an episode of “Fixer Upper.” The story’s kicker: The house has hit the real-estate market at $950,000, even though it’s only 1,050 square feet and appraised for tax purposes at $132,010. A sampling of thoughts and comments:

Thomas Justice: That show may be popular, but having provenance to the show does not make the property valuable. Now, if Frank Lloyd Wright or I.M. Pei had designed it. . . .

Andrew Lopez: This is just a stunt. And it’s done its job. It’s got everybody talking about it. Such a coincidence now that the appraisal district has raised the value of land in our area to four dollars a square foot. The true value is under two dollars a square foot.

Al Farrow: Even considering it’s a hot rental right now, I would factor into the investment decision that “Fixer Upper” is going into its fifth season. And while it’s obviously a very popular series still, many “hot” TV series don’t make it much past seven seasons. Not that I’m wishing bad on anyone (it’s nice Waco is now known for something other than Branch Davidians or motorcycle shootouts); I’m just saying that for many booms, there is an eventual bust. It would be wise for the city to also take a measured approach to growth for the same reason.

JB Sweeney: Some obsessed overpaid “Fixer Upper” fan will buy this — ridiculous. Lived in Waco for three years and never once been to Magnolia farms or other holdings they have. Not buying the hype.

Ricky Duke: Wow, a lot of hate for people who love Waco and want to make it nicer. Weird.

Adam Voight: They are certainly getting the listing in front of more people than most agents could ever dream of. Too bad everyone thinks it’s a joke. But any publicity is good publicity, right?

Kirstin Eddings Sullivan: Has no one ever put a house on the market at too high of a price? It will sell for what the market will bear. I’m betting if anyone posting here (who is critical) thought they could get more for their own house than it’s worth, they’d do it in a split second. I like the show, but I’m not too much for the “Fixer Upper” hype. However, Waco folks (and I used to be one years ago) need to remember all the money that “Fixer Upper” brings to Waco. The show. The tourists. Lots and lots of money.

Bambi Dean: They need to be sent to prison for an asking price that’s robbery. And they wonder why their longtime friends are suing!

Walter Beayrd: Bambi Dean, you do realize the Gaineses do not own this house and are not the ones selling, right? So what does people suing the Gaineses have anything to do with this overpriced home?

Rita Norred: Bambi Dean, it is not Chip and Joanna selling the home. They don’t own it. It belongs to a couple who bought it and hired them to fix it up. Chip and Joanna have brought a lot of tourists, business and money to Waco. They are good for our city.

Roy Dunn: Don’t Austin my Waco, dangit!