Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s praise for rules requiring that abortion facilities, hospitals and other medical centers either cremate or bury the remains of aborted and miscarried babies prompted plenty of reaction on his Facebook page:

Chavala Merit: Thank you for referring to these babies as Texans and not fetuses. That’s exactly what they are, tiny Texans, and they deserve that respect.

Jennifer Meador: Yes! I’m 8 weeks 5 days pregnant, and I saw my baby and heard its heartbeat for the first time today. it was a strong heartbeat and moving a lot. It’s a person in there. I cannot imagine someone killing a baby.

Eddie Vazquez: This lasts till it goes to the Supreme Court again and you get slapped for overreach like you did by attempting to shut down Planned Parenthood. At what point do your sheep not see your game of wasted taxpayer dollars invested in ideology and not actually spent on education and infrastructure?

Lindsay Boutilier Martinez: Of course, you’ll make sure Texas women are denied access to medical care including contraception. Oh, and no Texas students get sex ed. And once you have the baby you can’t care for, you blame women for having kids they can’t afford and make it difficult for them to get help. Your priorities are screwed up.

Janice Middleton Oliver: I’d prefer they not be aborted, but if we can’t stop that, I’m glad they will at least be given a decent burial.

Libbie Richardson: I support you, Gov. Abbott, on most issues, but strongly disagree with this. I am conservative, but I feel this is an issue that is only supported by a minority of the extreme far right. Please carefully consider the undue burden this would place on many women who are already in a very bad place.

Dede McConville: All you good Christians out there, could you do everyone a favor and care for the born as much as the unborn?

Lyndsey Paige: I support a lot that you do, but this is pretty disgusting. So a woman goes through the pains of having a miscarriage early on and has to worry about funeral cost on top of it? Or what of the woman who discovers during a doctor’s visit that her baby is developing without a brain or has a terminal tumor? This is so closed-minded and is something that is just completely based off of uneducated emotion. This is just sick.

Maya Kaul: Stop kidding yourselves: Requiring funerals for aborted fetuses is not protecting the rights of “all citizens.” There is no “right to a funeral.” It’s an attempt to punish the woman for choosing to get that abortion; otherwise the same would have to be applied to miscarried fetuses [in the home] who are “deprived of their right to a funeral as well.”

Cristina Bavlnka: Do people really actually believe that hospitals are going to be paying for burials for thousands and thousands of aborted fetuses? So they’re going to buy thousands of little caskets, dig 6-foot-deep graves and have oceans of new cemeteries for aborted babies?