By a 3-3 vote Tuesday, the Lacy Lakeview City Council bowed to rankled neighbors and denied a permit for the owner of the Barndominium, forcing its operations as a vacation rental to cease at a site made popular by the TV show “Fixer Upper.” The council’s action means owner Kristi Bass will no longer be allowed to operate the Barndominium. Responses on our Facebook page were equally indignant but in favor of Bass:

Colin Gunn: These selfish neighbors and petty bureaucrats should repent of their covetousness and let this woman do what she wants with her own property.

Debi Hurst Chapman: Drove down this road the other day! A little cleaning up would be nice. Why in the world would people oppose this? It’s ridiculous. People need to find productive things to do. A bed & breakfast doesn’t bring traffic anyway. There was more traffic when it was being renovated than there will ever be on this street again. Geez.

Cindy Harrison Graham: I would be willing to bet there are much bigger problems that could be addressed in the city. Leave this lady alone! The traffic will continue to flow whether she operates it as a B&B or her personal residence. It was featured on national television. What happened to being neighborly people? Old, grumpy people with nothing better to do, just mad because they couldn’t afford to buy the place and profit from it. I guarantee if they were able to make a penny off of it, this wouldn’t be an issue. God don’t like ugly.

Charles Maskell Jr.: This is politics at its finest! Council members only acting to protect themselves. What a foolish move! Think about nice communities. Did they get nice by refusing to build classy establishments? No. What a foolish move!

David Hall: They fight this but allow crap like this in people’s front yards. [Includes photo of trashy, run-down property.]

Kurt Krakowian: Lacy Lakeview should have made the permit like a hotel/bed & breakfast and collected bed tax on the rental. In the next city council election Kristi Bass should run for office.

Dennis Borras: Mayor Hodde, you knew or should’ve known when you ran and were elected mayor that politics is sometimes a contentious business. You were “hooked” by passionate and/or angry citizens and your public admonishment of those individuals was unbecoming. While it is desirable for citizens to be interested in the public management of their city, it is not a requirement nor are they compelled to run for public office. You, on the other hand, as an elected official, have a duty to fairly, equitably and respectfully represent citizens’ public interests in the governance of Lacy Lakeview, especially when citizens are not being respectful or are being rude to their elected officials (a sad trend developing nowadays). I’ve seen many other city councils in other cities where I’ve lived be excoriated by citizens upset with council decisions. And they wisely chose to remain silent during and after such publicly aired anger as long as there were no breaches of the peace.