When local civic leader and longtime Baylor University donor Nell Hawkins wrote a Tribune-Herald column condemning Baylor regents’ leadership regarding the handling of the school’s sprawling sexual-assault scandal, Bears for Leadership Reform posted it on their busy Facebook page. Some reactions:

Carol Boring: Bravo, Nell Hawkins. You have voiced what I feel. The Baylor regents have been out of control for years and have continually gotten worse. As Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Michael Evans: I will stand with Nell Hawkins and call upon the regents to request that the [Pepper Hamilton] law firm write the [scandal] report, then publish the report. If they need any clarification on how to handle bad press and misconduct, then they should contact any public relations professors at Castellaw Communications Center for a primer in crisis management. So far, regents have botched all this badly.

Ben Lindsey: Great editorial, but what happens next, Bears for Leadership Reform and Baylor Line Foundation? It certainly looks like the hostile takeover you’ve been very clearly warned about for decades is now complete and permanent. Even the three alumni regents seem to be cheering for [former regent chair] Buddy [Jones] and associates while he spikes the ball in the end zone.

Judy Clark Thurn: Shameful. Maybe it will all come out in the lawsuit that Coach Art Briles filed.

Jorge Estrada: The way they dismantled the Baylor Alumni Association, removed their building, kicked them off campus and so much more was a clear indication of how these [regents] do business. If they behaved that way in a smaller affair, then expect no different when the stakes are higher.

Melodie Haag Long: If there is nothing to hide, why all the smoke and mirrors?

Mike Jones: Religious fundamentalism does not believe in accountability. They are so pious that they believe only they are important enough to know the truth. I will never send a child of mine to this godless institution. I hope the [U.S. Department of Education] and NCAA hammer Baylor so hard that the school has to shut its doors.

Breanna Deal: That’s a bit unfair. Baylor itself is a great institution, and I would be proud to send my future children to my alma mater. I enjoyed a great education and met some of the most wonderful people at Baylor. Going to Baylor helped shape who I am as a person, and many alumni have had huge and wonderful impacts on the world. What Baylor needs is transparency in the board of regents and to be open with the alumni who have requested said transparency. Baylor shutting its doors would be a great loss for higher education and the Christian community.

Jeremy Stewart: Godless institution? Wow. So a small group of football players and a handful of dirty administrators make Baylor a “godless institution”? Obviously, you’ve never set foot on that amazing campus and spoken with any of its students.