To some, this week’s prime-time address at the Republican National Convention by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, tea-party idol, struck a blow for true conservatism and principle. For others, his refusal to endorse Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was traitorous. Evidence of both sentiments peppered the senator’s Facebook page. A sampling:

Marilyn Robertson Scaggs: I’m a Texan, but I’ll never vote for you again, Ted Cruz, after you raised your right hand and swore to endorse whoever was the candidate, and now you refuse to. What a sore loser. Way to hand it over to Hillary!

Sherry Stroud: Equivalant to lying under oath.

Michael Boyer: Now I know why Cruz is hated in the Senate and the House. He ruined his career. All he had to say in his speech was, “Let’s support Trump to beat Hillary in November.” Was that too much to ask? This guy is a snake.

Nancy Bell: Writing in Cruz, never Trump.

Robert Summers: I never voted for Ted in the past but I will now.

Mike Munn: I had some respect for you, sir. After your sourness at tonight’s RNC, I have lost all respect for you. Way to jump into Hillary’s pocket, jerk.

Lisa Trinemeyer: Trump said that Ted Cruz’s father killed JFK. I don’t blame Ted for not endorsing Trump. No one would have under those circumstances.

Rita Hartdegen Champagne: So disappointed in you, Ted Cruz! People will not forget your lack of loyalty. You could have influenced many people to do the right thing come November, but instead you’ve caused more division. Shame on you!

Ted Davis: I have supported Cruz for the entire primary. Cruz gave a great speech tonight. But he has just made a tremendous mistake and lost my (and thousands of others’) support, which is not likely to be regained. What Cruz did was nothing other than a back-handed, arrogant slight against the guy who beat him fair and square. And Cruz did this at Trump’s convention. See ya, Cruz — and stop sending me requests for more money.

Robert Zimiga: This Christian took an oath to the “party.” And you’re now mad because you wanted him to lie about his feelings toward someone? So the oath to a bunch of people in office is more powerful than an oath to God about lying? Lots of hypocrisy. The man stood by his values. Even though I don’t agree with him on many, many issues, I have to admire his strength to do what he did tonight.

Kathy Bowman: Would you endorse someone who insulted your wife, lied about your father and has lied repeatedly to the American people? Oh wait, you must be doing just that. I would have no respect for Cruz if he had endorsed Trump. Sorry you don’t have the same principles.

Dianne Romaire Romano: As a Texas resident, I must tell you how disappointed I am with your poor judgment not to endorse the Republican candidate for president of the United States. You, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and others are reasons we will have a liberal president. And even worse, a liberal Supreme Court. Thanks for your petulant, childish attitude.