While Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus pressed Republicans to fall into line behind presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, insisting “something different, something new, is probably good for our party,” supporters of freshly vanquished Republican rival Ted Cruz were having none of it, judging by comments on Cruz’s Facebook page.

Connie Hite McMahen: This is a sad day for our country. All I can say is may God have mercy on our country.

Kathy Klawiter: You stupid people! Trump is a Democrat to the bone and has given millions to dozens of establishment Democrats his whole life. You people just got fooled by a chump!

Lucy Vizcaino: I am crushed. And I will never vote for Trump. This will either be the first presidential election I have sat out in 35 years or I will proudly write in Ted Cruz’s name.

Sanya Pajaro Bird: I am deeply saddened. As a military member, I just don’t know what is going to happen to us. I will be asking the Lord to bless the Cruz family — it broke my heart to see the pain in Heidi’s eyes — and I will pray that God delivers us from the destruction that the powers of darkness want so desperately to deliver into our laps.

Freda Channell Lyons: What a bunch of sore losers. Cruz did this to himself with his lying and cheating. He dropped like a lead balloon. The people who made fun of Trump supporters, who admonished Trump supporters for their disloyalty to the Republican Party if they vowed to write in Trump’s name if the election was stolen from them, are now going to write in Cruz’s name. Hypocrites. Sounds like Democrats to me.

Diane Weldy Tavegia: “Suspended” is not dropping out and Ted Cruz could still run as a third party. Trump is leading a whole lot of people to hell and I’m going to step out of their way and write in Cruz. I have withdrawn from the Republican Party. Enough is enough. No more Democrats in GOP clothing!

Judy Arocha: It’s time to get behind Donald Trump! I voted for Ted Cruz but he is no longer in the race.

Paul Etheridge: Even though I support Trump, if Cruz was the nominee, I would vote for him. Maybe most voters don’t know what kind of president that Trump will turn out to be. But I think most of you know that Clinton would be more of Obama. Think long and hard before you waste a vote.

Adrie McCravy: I am lucky enough to live in Texas and so remain on the Cruz Crew! I will support Ted on the state level and will be eager to support him on any endeavors going forward. I will never vote for Trump. He does not represent my values on any level. I will write in Ted Cruz.

Ruth Cousins: Let’s all enjoy watching the media now turn on The Donald and turn him into chum. Ted’s not releasing his delegates. Just sayin’. Keep praying. It’s a sad day for our country when millions of voters choose the Kardashian candidate over the best man since Reagan.

Scott Vapinton: I have already submitted my paperwork to change my party affiliation after decades of being a Republican. I encourage every true-blooded conservative to do the same.