On Thanksgiving Eve, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott took to Facebook to praise a judge who blocked a U.S. Department of Labor rule on overtime pay that made more than 4 million private-sector workers eligible for mandatory extra pay or time off. The rule was meant to correct a situation in which salaried employees paid more than $455 a week were deemed “managers,” even if they had few real supervisory duties. They thus had become ineligible to be paid at higher overtime rates if they worked more than 40 hours per week. The Labor Department regulation raised the salary threshold, prompting outcry from business organizations. Abbott’s comment on the court ruling: “Obama legacy ending as it began: Federal judge in Texas rules another Obama executive order is illegal.” Reactions:

Becca Sal: Yeah, let’s boast about middle- and lower-class citizens not getting paid overtime wages when you yourself are wealthy. I used to have respect for you. It’s great how you can sleep at night, Greg.

Nancy James: Becca, the judge ruled against Obama because Obama acted outside the law. He did not have authority to do what he did.

Thomas Mooso: Leave it to Republicans to take away what will help people of the working class, just so the wealthy don’t have to pay people what they’re worth for the hours they work. A person should get paid for all hours worked over 40 hours.

Debbie May Sitz: Obama didn’t change the current law. He just raised the minimum from around $24K to around $47K. The law is there to protect workers from employers who designate a position as salaried, then work them excessively over 40 hours a week without compensation. The issue is Obama does not have the constitutional power to do this. In my opinion, the minimum may need to be raised, but I question the amount he chose.

Noah Arthur: It’s already started and Orange Hitler is not even in office. This would have helped a lot of people and stopped a lot of corporations who take advantage of salaried employees and make them work 70 or 80 hours a week. With hours like that, you are making less than minimum wage. This order would have made companies pay people for what they work. Some of you people kill me. Obama does something to help millions of people and put more money in the economy and you still say he’s bad? Either your racist hate makes you blind or you’re just a idiot.

Zach Greenberger: It’s sad when people defend those who are harming them. Whether or not Obama had the legal standing to issue the rule, at least he was trying to help American workers. It would be great if Congress was looking out for us, but clearly that’s not happening.

Todd Dold: Isn’t it funny how you same people want the government to regulate who can marry who or what a woman can or cannot do with her body? But you don’t want to see someone actually get paid fairly for the work they do.